Immigration Experts Claim Biden Admin Abusing the Law to Release Illegals into US

Ken Meekins | August 1, 2023
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Immigration experts say that the Biden administration is skirting the immigration laws that are on the books in order to release illegal immigrants into the country. 

Recently, the Heritage Foundation hosted a panel event called, “Catch, Released, and Then What?” where three different immigration experts discussed how the Biden administration handling of the border crisis is impacting the country in a negative way. 

The speakers explained how the Biden Administration is abusing every loophole in the immigration system to release illegals into the country. 

“When they release them they release them under two authorities, parole... which is only supposed to be used in the case of somebody who needs emergency medical treatment or is a material witness in a criminal case in the United States  - but the Biden administration has paroled 1.4 million people on ca se by case basis completely outside of those parameters” said Andrew Arthur, who is a Resident Fellow in Law and Policy at the Center for Immigration Studies and was a Former Immigration Judge. 

“The other way they are releasing them is under section 236a of the INA (Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952), which is the general arrest authority and release authority in federal law with respect to immigration. That only applies in the case of somebody who is arrested on a warrant - its not going to surprise you, those border patrol agents aren’t, you know, there with warrants, you asking, 'hey Simon I got your arrest warrant here.' They are completely abusing that arrest warrant authority and then releasing those people on their own recognizance” he added. 

Another panelist, Tomas Homan, former Acting Director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Border Security and Immigration Center, said that the Biden administration is purposely not detaining illegal immigrants at the border. 

“So nearly 9 out of 10 who claim asylum never get relief from U.S courts because they don’t qualify or they don’t show up, so then they get an order of removal."

"If you're in ICE detention and you get an order of removal you get removed 99% percent of the time but if you’re not in detention, like a family group and you get an order of removal -  you leave 6% of the time. So they know what they're doing by not detaining people in an ICE bed” he said. 

Homan also says that there needs to be more congressional oversight hearings regarding "Alternatives to Detention” (ATD) and the nongovernmental organizations that are working at the border. 

“They need to have oversight hearings on what's going on with detention on what's going on with ATD, what’s going on with all these sole sourced contracts of the NGOs. How are all of these billions of dollars going to these NGOs that are transporting illegal aliens to the United States?” 

NGOs have played a massive role in transporting migrants across the border, Including Catholic Charities and George Soros organizations that receive billions of dollars from the US government. This has led to a crisis of illegal aliens being packed in hotels across the United States.