'The Home of the Slave': Millionaire Singer Jill Scott Sings Bastardized Version of National Anthem

Nick Kangadis | July 6, 2023
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I know the “love it or leave it” mantra has been deemed cliche by the establishment for years, probably because they could never live up to the first half of that statement. But, it’s high time that millionaires who feign oppression do just that…leave.

In the latest submission to the Oppression Olympic committee, R&B singer Jill Scott — who was last popular among the general population during the Obama administration — decided to take it upon herself to sing her own version of the national anthem over the Independence Day weekend at Essence Fest in Atlanta.

(Note: Besides the crappy lyrics, it appears she forgot how to carry a tune. Just a warning for your ears.)

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Oh, say, can you see

By the blood in the streets

That this place doesn’t smile

On you colored child

Whose blood built this land

With sweat and their hands

But you’ll die in this place

And your memory erased

Oh, say does this truth hold any weight

This is not the land of the free

But the home of the slave

Oh, the ever-so-oppressed Jill Scott? Yeah, she’s a millionaire and has been for years. And how did that happen? Because people of every color bought her albums back in the day when more than eight people gave a flip about her music.

This was disgusting. The words reinforce false establishment narratives, the same establishment she’s supposedly preaching against. Oh, and for this — sorry, not sorry — Jill Scott is disgusting, too.


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