Hilarious Reasons ASU Gave for Scrapping Conservative Event

Gabriel Hays | January 20, 2022
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Arizona State University recently canceled a conservative fundraiser for one of its departments, and though they’ve offered multiple vague and inconsistent reasons for doing so, some critics think that ASU really doesn’t want to host the prominent conservatives who were set to speak at the event.

As reported by ArizonaFreeNews.com, ASU canceled one of it’s more conservative on-campus organization’s first-ever fundraisers that was set to happen in February. The piece stated, that because of the cancellation, “Political History and Leadership (PHL), may not obtain funds it anticipated from the event, which was to take place at the Desert Botanical Garden.”

The event was organized “to honor prominent community leaders Dan and Carleen Brophy.”

The piece added that “each guest would have paid $250 for attendance, and tables of eight would’ve pulled in $2,000. The PHL Program is part of the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies.”

Though skeptics, including those at AZ Free News, claim that the various reasons ASU provided for canceling the event are “conflicting” and may exist only to distract that the school didn’t want conservative leaders Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ)) and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz speaking at an ASU event.

The outlet confirmed that ASU had mentioned COVID-19 as the main reason for terminating the fundraiser to some of the event’s guests and speakers. But the outlet received a statement from ASU Spokesman Jerry Gonzalez who claimed that the event was canceled because “a faculty member broke the university’s scheduling protocol.” 

Gonzales stated, “The event at the Desert Botanical Garden was canceled due to a breach of scheduling protocol by a faculty member in the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies.”

OK? So which reason is it?

And when the outlet asked what the terms of the broken "scheduling protocol" was, ASU gave no answer. 

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Even more suspicious, AZ Free News was told that “ASU President Michael Crow wasn’t aware of the event or its cancellation,” but then obtained emails which revealed that the decision to cancel the event was made by the ASU administration.

Perhaps the administration kept that secret from the president or he just didn’t find out. But that doesn’t sound quite right. 

Considering the blatant inconsistencies in these “reasons,” Arizona Free Enterprise Club President Scot Mussi, a vocal conservative, released a press release accusing ASU of canceling the event because they don’t want Chaffetz and Rep Biggs speaking at an ASU event.

In the press release, Mussi stated,

It is outrageous that Michael Crow and ASU would cancel an ASU Foundation Fundraiser because they oppose the views and philosophy of the featured speakers attending the event. It is becoming clear that woke cancel culture has taken over every office at the University.

Well at the very least, Mussi’s explanation makes way more sense than the ones ASU gave. 

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