AZ Public Schools Featured Pornography, Descriptions of Bestiality in Summer Reading Material

Gabriel Hays | November 23, 2021
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More and more parents are figuring out what their kids are being exposed to in public schools across America and are horrified.

In a recent horror story from a public school in Arizona, one parent uncovered that his children’s reading assignments contained graphic descriptions of sex, and not just between consenting adults into weird fetishes, but of bestiality actually. 

As reported by, one Arizona father, Thomas Morton, found that Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) incorporated the book, "So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed" into its AP 11th grade summer reading list. Morton discovered that the book, written by Jon Ronson, is filled with “lewd stories and profanity” to include pornographic acts, kinks, and descriptions of bestiality.


Just to provide a very brief, and not-too-detailed (you’re welcome) account of the horrors Mr. Morton uncovered in books given to children for their supposed academic development, the book contains a depiction of a “Nazi orgy with five hookers,” a description of a “public disgrace” sexual fetish scene, and the worst, a description of a man having sex with a dog.

If Merrick Garland’s DOJ knew how we were feeling about this story, they might keep us on a list, just in case. 

These details were provided by Morton in a November 1 letter he sent to the PVUSD governing board, demanding that they remove the book from the curriculum. 

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In an interview on conservative radio program Conservative Circus, Morton explained how he came across this disgusting literature. “'It came to light to me after my daughter and I discussed the book. She was too embarrassed to tell me the pornographic details, but she told me the book was generally about the Twitter mob publicly shaming people,' he stated.”

As reported, Morton would have never known about the hellish sexual details of the book if he listened to the school’s assessment of the material. “The initial assignment offered no content warnings or alternatives to the book. Instead, the assignment included a note suggesting that the students research the author,” the outlet wrote. That’s it. 

The school also offered students alternative summer reading options, though this news came in an email to students from the principal five weeks after the original Summer 2021 assignment. According to the outlet, “That update didn’t offer any indication that the book was inappropriate.” 

So parents and students were supposedly in the dark about the putrid content until they read it themselves.

The assignment prompt also indicated that the book could also be found in PVUSD school libraries, so kids could rent books featuring bestiality whenever they wanted to.

In his radio interview Morton also mentioned several other disturbing details, including the fact that the teachers who assigned the material, Brian Morgan and Jay Parizek from the district’s Horizon High School, “refused to answer questions about why the book was assigned and.” 

Neither they nor the Horizon High School principal received punishment after Morton’s letter was brought to the PVUSD school board’s attention. According to Arizona state law, “distribution of pornographic or obscene material to children … is a class 4 felony”

AZFreeNews mentioned, during a board meeting on November 18, PVUSD Superintendent Dr. Troy Bales “claimed that the assignments were ‘a mistake,’” and added that they were “inappropriate and explained that it had been assigned despite past instructions to teachers to not reassign it.”

Though such an apology was too late for Morton (as should be for every other parent in the district), he will be removing his child from Morgan and Parizek’s class, filing complaints to the police and the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) about both teachers and the principal involved.”

That seems to be the sanest move possible in response to this garbage.