Here We Go Again! Rutgers Says They will Disenroll Students Who Don't Comply with Vax Mandate

Nick Kangadis | August 23, 2023
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You can question the timing of the “resurgence” of COVID-19, especially with some institutions putting mask mandates back in place. But, showing that even places of higher learning don’t have the ability to learn from their mistakes, one school is reinstituting vaccine mandates despite what we now know about how pointless the mandates were the first time.

Rutgers University is threatening students with disenrollment should they not adhere to a mandate requiring them to be vaccinated in order to attend classes.

NewsNation reported that “more than 100 schools still require students to be vaccinated in order to attend classes in person.” However, not only will Rutgers require students to be vaccinated, but they’re also required to wear masks while indoors on university grounds.

According to NewsNation:

Rutgers said incoming students must abide by a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to the school website. The mandate says there will be no exceptions, though it also says evaluation of exception requests will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Even if students are hypothetically granted an exemption to the vaccination rule, on-campus attendance is not guaranteed, and students will be required to undergo testing.

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If you remember — and really, how could you forget — universities, corporations, government bodies, the military and more all mandated vaccinations for Americans all across this country, and we saw how well that turned out.

Here’s the thing: anyone who even questioned taking the vaccine was ostracized, vilified and essentially cancelled. And those people weren’t necessarily “anti-vax,” but rather skeptical of a drug being mandated to be put in their bodies without any information on it other than the government and “the science” telling them they had to for one convoluted reason or another.

Mandates don’t work. You know how we know? Because they already tried it once before and not that long ago.


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