Here are the Companies That Stick With and Run Away From the NRA

Nick Kangadis | March 1, 2018
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In the last couple of weeks, the opportunity for a middle ground to be reached when it comes to the National Rifle Association (NRA) has been erased by those on the Left that think and pray for the extinction of the organization.

Join MRCTV's Nick Kangadis as he highlights companies that have either stuck with or abandoned the business partnerships with the NRA.

"While it’s great to see that prominent organizations aren’t cowering like little soy boys under the pressure from the social justice elite," Kangadis said, "a bunch of companies see no problem in punishing any and all NRA members."

Kangadis also questions the lack of acceptance of people - by media and social media organizations - who have been critical of the constant barrage of hate thrown in the direction of the NRA.

Kangadis asks the question, "So why is all of the Left’s hatred focused on the NRA if the NRA had nothing to do with the shooting?"

Don't forget to check out the video at the top for more on all of this.

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