Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags, First State to Do So

Tyler McNally | July 7, 2015
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Don't worry, Chinese food will be safe from a new law aimed at the food industry.

Starting Wednesday, Hawaii will be the first and only state to ban plastic bags.

All major Hawaiian islands, joined recently by Oahu, have decided to ban all plastic and noncombustible bags from stores and businesses.

Not all business need to comply with the new law, Mashable reports. Bags are exempt if they are used in a take-out restaurant, or if they wrap a variety of foods from meats to vegetables.

Non-exempt stores that do not comply with the new law will have a large penalty on the way. Per Mashable, business "are subject to hefty fines of $100 to $1,000 per day of violation."

According to GOOD magazine, over one hundred billion plastic bags are used every year in the United States, and not even one percent of those bags is recycled.


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