Harris: Kids We Terrified Over Climate Change Now Have 'Climate Anxiety,' 'Doomsday Fear'

Brittany M. Hughes | August 1, 2023
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Funny thing about children: if you work even semi-hard at terrifying them, it usually works.

For example, if I spent the next 12 hours frantically telling my four-year-old that clowns are all people-eating monsters with sharp fangs and glowing red eyes, then decorated his room with pictures of Pennywise and tucked him in while telling him there was probably one of those under his bed, goodnight! Chances are pretty good I’m ending the day with a traumatized, terrified kid.

Of course, I don’t do that – a) because I don’t want a scared child and b) because I’m not a garbage adult human being who gets a power trip off horrifying preschoolers. Kamala Harris and her ilk can make no such claims.

After spending the last 50-something years preaching ad nauseam about the horrors of climate change and the impending apocalypse that’s sure to doom us all, the vice president and her fellow leftists are gleefully celebrating that the left’s rampant fear-mongering has successfully created a generation of petrified young adults too fearful to move forward with their lives.

“Climate anxiety — [young people] are concerned about their future in almost a doomsday fear about what might be within a couple of decades of now. They're concerned about whether they should have children, whether they should even try to buy a home, because what does the future hold?" Harris said this week, referring to the global warming-turned-climate change bogeyman ginned up by liberals to seize government control of everything from energy to infrastructure and technology, much of it from private industry that must now be “regulated” to keep from killing us all.

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While money (or the lack thereof) and a general societal shirking of responsibility certainly play key parts in why young people are forgoing getting married, having kids or signing up for that mortgage, the polls show Harris is at least partly right. A study published in the English journal The Lancet found that worldwide, about 40% of Gen Zers - the oldest of whom are about 26 now - say they're hesitant to have kids because of climate change. A smilier number of Millennials - those born between 1986 and 2000, roughly - say the same.

Shocking that teaching kids to be afraid of Armageddon might land you with frightened young adults who took it to heart.

Combine that misplaced horror over the ever-moving target of an imminent fiery death with cheap abortions, rampant inflation, and a near-total disregard for the nuclear family structure or basic values, and voila! No wonder America’s birth rate is declining.

Government power on the other hand? Growing like kudzu – and that’s really all that matters.

At least to Harris.