Green Party Candidate Storms Debate Stage in Maryland


A senate debate in Maryland received some unexpected fireworks.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the debate between the Republican and Democrat candidates was gearing up to begin on Wednesday at University of Baltimore when the Green Party candidate Dr. Margaret Flowers suddenly made her way on stage while the cameras were rolling.

One of the moderators said a quick “thank you” to Flowers before asking her to leave the stage. Flowers refused.

“You say you’re a public university and you want to educate the public but without having a full public discussion that doesn’t actually happen, so how does that serve democracy or serve the public if I’m excluded from this discussion when I’m on the ballot?” Flowers told the audience until security came and escorted her off the stage.

Flowers has reportedly been trying for months to be included in the public debates between Democrat Chris Van Hollen and Republican Kathy Szeliga, but failed to meet the 15 percent polling threshold to earn an invitation, only garnering 5 percent of support. Instead, she apparently took things into her own hands and showed up anyways.

“It’s Dr. Flowers, I’m a candidate for U.S Senate, and this is how you’re treating a candidate?” Flowers shouted while being pulled off the stage by security, with Van Hollen and Szeliga silently looking on.

Szeliga then asked if it was possible to bring up another podium for Flowers, who continued to yell and shout her stance while security was bringing her out of the venue.

Flowers later bragged on her Facebook page that she was fighting “in which media and Democrats collude to exclude candidates on the ballot,” and included a video of the incident that appears to have been recorded by a supporter in the audience.

This isn’t the first time Flowers has done this, crashing a primary debate back in late March to voice her displeasure about being excluded from the debate then as well.

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