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GQ: It’s Your ‘Civic Duty’ to Make Thanksgiving a Living ‘Hell’ for Your Trump-Supporting Relatives


GQ in a Tuesday op-ed calls on readers to make Thanksgiving a living “hell” for their family members who support President Trump.  

He argues that it’s their “civic duty” to ruin the holiday.

“It’s time to ruin your Trump-supporting family’s Thanksgiving—for America!” author Joe Berkowitz writes.

“This year, if you’re headed home to a household that still thinks a sex-offending game show host in rapid cognitive decline was the best choice for a president, it is your civic duty to filibuster Thanksgiving,” Berkowitz says.

He argues that ruining Thanksgiving is justified because “any parents still riding the Trump Train at this point have thereby signaled that nothing is sacred.”

“It is time to follow their example,” he writes. “They can’t stand idly by while President Deals tramples every other American tradition and yet somehow expect that Thanksgiving will be normal too.”

He goes on to offer “a few suggestions for how to ruin Thanksgiving, arranged by ascending order of righteous fury.”

They include not showing up to Thanksgiving dinner altogether, doing “Friendsgiving” instead, showing up and being “kind of an a**hole” by being “stiff” and talking about police brutality “nonstop” during the football game, and going "scorched earth" on everyone. 

Berkowitz argues that his call to wreak havoc on the family holiday "is about more than just spite," but about "potentially chipping away" at Trump's base.

His piece includes a cover photo with a cooked turkey surrounded by knives and a cropped Trump as its head. 

According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, nearly one-in-three Americans (31%) plan to avoid talking politics at all costs over the holidays.

Forty-eight percent (48%) say they “do not typically engage in political conversations” during holiday gatherings, while 21 percent say they plan to engage in political conversations with others “even if we disagree on issues.”

Trump voters were reportedly “just as interested in shifting away from political conversations as voters who supported Clinton."

Most Americans (62%) agree that politics is their least favorite conversation topic over holiday meals and gatherings.

H/T Fox News Insider

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