Good! 42-Year-Old Man in Peru Attacked by Parents After Arrest for Dressing Like Young Girl & Taking Pics of Girls in School Bathroom

Nick Kangadis | May 1, 2023
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I am never one to call for or incite violence. It’s just not how I roll. However, there are cases where violence is the only remedy for people who are rarely held accountable.

Then again, this particular incident happened in a country outside the U.S., and a good portion of foreign countries don’t put up with half the crap we do in this country.

Reportedly, a 42-year-old “alleged” scumbag in Peru dressed up like a schoolgirl in order to gain access to the restroom inside a school so he could take cell phone pictures and videos of them.

I’m not going to use his name, because f**k him, but the man was arrested recently and held by authorities with a rightfully angry parental mob waiting outside the station for him.

When he was originally arrested and taken to a police vehicle, some of the parents attacked the man until police could close the door and drive away with the suspect.

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Here’s video of the man being taken away:

If all of the allegations are true, then all I can say about the attack on the man is — good! He got off easy. The police should’ve let the parents have him so he could face the full brunt of justice.

Sorry, I don’t feel bad for these people. You shouldn’t either. This pile of garbage will hopefully get more of what’s coming to him.


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