WTF is This? Welcome to the Church of the Religion of Woke

Nick Kangadis | April 28, 2023
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Okay, so the video in this article is exactly why people call “Wokeness” its own religion. I understand that you’re supposed to “love thy neighbor.” But what happens when your church supports lifestyles that are comprised of people that will never love you as their neighbor simply because you may disagree with their lifestyles?

Basically folks, yours truly has had enough of playing make-believe and pretend with these activists who have poisoned and perverted pretty much every aspect of American — or Western — society.

So, just take a look at this fruitcake pretending to be a priest or a minister or whatever he “identifies” as:

Haven’t we all had just about enough of this crap? And the responses I get when I say or write things like this are, ‘Just try being tolerant and accepting of them. They’re not bothering anyone.’

Well, they bother the heck out of me, and it’s not even because of who they are as people. I’m tired of having to make “accept” the very real FACT that some in these “communities” have turned our religious institutions against us and remade them in their images.

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Remember that bulls**t when we were told that the whole gay marriage thing wasn’t part of any “slippery slope” and that we were just being paranoid? Well, here we are.

Now we have drag queens actively searching out children to perform in front of because it’s not sexually gratifying enough for them to perform in front of just adults anymore.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Their old “kinks” don’t do what they used to for them so they have to corrupt and violate your children so they can feel something, anything other than what they typically feel when they mangle themselves into whatever identity they feel they are this week.

To be perfectly honest, I believe that a lot of churches should lose their tax exempt status until they learn how to follow the scripture they purportedly claim to believe in. Instead they adjust and cajole and fudge and pervert the Bible for their own selfish needs that have nothing to do with any religion other than the one they made up as an excuse to be the degenerates that they are.

I’m not claiming to be perfect, very far from it. But, at least I still understand the differences between right and wrong and moral and depraved.

Keep trying, perverts. God still loves you, free will and all. If only you understood how to love God back.


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