Ghoulish Collectivists Lever Govt-Worsened Maui Fires To Push… Climate Change Rhetoric

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 14, 2023
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Following the shameless idiocy of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 2020 “Mother Earth is angry” claim following California wildfires, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s completely false June claim that wildfires in his nation were more numerous and worsened as a result of “Climate Change,” multiple collectivist politicians in the U.S. now are pouncing on the tragic fires that have devastated Lahaina on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and – SHOCK! – they’re trying to lever the disaster to push their Climate Cult insanity.

With over 90 people dead so far in this most devastating wildfire of Maui’s recorded history, these fatuous fearmongers started the propaganda presses before the final death toll has been determined.

And their ghoulish opportunism hasn’t gone unnoticed. In fact, it seems to be garnering the righteously indignant responses, factual retorts, and verbal smackdowns the thoughtlessness deserves.

Thomas Catenacci reports for Fox News that at least three major Democrat politicians are using the tragedy to spew their tyrannical socialist spiel.

“’Heartbreaking fires in Hawaii! Scientists are clear that climate chaos wreaking havoc on ecosystems everywhere is the new norm,’ Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., said in a post on X. ‘We need to take action immediately or else it will get even worse.’"

Not to be outdone, fearmongering Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (D) weighed in, as well.

"’The wildfires raging across Hawaii are a devastating view of our planet as we fail to adequately address the climate crisis,’ Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., added in a post of his own. ‘I stand ready to support in any way to make sure Hawaii has the resources to ensure the safety and wellbeing of impacted communities.’"

Of course, his climate nonsense is only matched in foolishness by his claim to have any power to do anything through the government to “make sure Hawaii has the resources” he claims he can hand out.

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Constitutionally, he has no such power. David Crockett spelled this out in 1830 in his famous “Not Yours To Give” speech regarding funds to help fire victims of his time, and Durbin has no moral claim on anyone to force them to shell out money for him to act like some kind of collectivist savior for the beleaguered survivors in Lahaina Town.

But, typically, we can be sure that Durbin and his fellow grandstanders will pass some emergency package, or insist that the flagrantly unconstitutional Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shift money from the already $30 trillion in debt US government to Maui. Meanwhile, as it was with federal “aid” employees getting in the way of private first responders in New Orleans and making off with huge chunks of federal “aid money” and resources after hurricane Katrina, the feds will get in the way and squander money. In fact, the government already is getting in the way, as locals report having to use boats to float private emergency aid around Maui roadblocks put up by “officials.”

But, to be sure, the collectivists know what’s best. Just ask Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA), who chimed in about so-called “anthropogenic climate change” as the cause, as well. Writes Catenacci:

“And Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., who spearheaded a recent congressional investigation into Big Oil, called on President Biden to declare a ‘climate emergency’ in response to the fires.”

Of course, as I have noted for MRCTV, looking at both named hurricanes and destruction from wildfires, Khanna is incorrect to claim a “climate emergency” exists or to imply that any of these disasters are more prevalent or causing more destruction of acreage than in similar seasons over the past 100 years.

And the collectivist politicians miss even more, particularly regarding the fact that the presence of government not only was cited BEFORE the Maui fires as a potential fire problem, but that both the government-granted power monopoly and the government “emergency” system failed on a local level increasing the danger and the potential loss of life.

Working from the latter, the NY Post’s Katherine Donlevy reports that Hawaii’s “emergency services” bureaucrats DIDN’T TURN ON THE SIRENS to warn locals, and, instead, they relied on an online system that - what a shock - wouldn’t work for most people who lost power or cell connections.

“The Hawaii Emergency Services Administration confirmed that the emergency system it tests every month in preparation for a crisis was not turned on as the flames raced toward residents.

Instead, HI-EMA sent out alerts via mobile devices, radio and television, and the county’s opt-in resident alert system — which may have never arrived due to widespread power and cellular outages across Maui.”

Incredible. And the power monopoly that’s been favored by the Hawaiian government?

As USA Today reports, locals already have cited Hawaiian Electric Industries for leaving its dangerous powerlines going when they posed a risk of fire over the – no surprise – poorly managed government-claimed lands.

“A class-action lawsuit was filed Saturday against utility companies on behalf of victims and survivors. The lawsuit filed by LippSmith LLP, together with Foley Bezek Behle & Curtis, LLP and Robertson & Associates, LLP, alleges that downed power lines owned and operated by Maui Electric Company, Limited (MECO), Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. (HECO), Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc. (HELCO), and their parent company, Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. (HEI) ‘caused the fire.’"

Then there is the land- and, lo and behold, as it was with Canada, where the ROYAL FAMILY OF ENGLAND owns 90 percent of the land, and just like troubled residents of Rhodes experienced with poorly managed government lands that sat like tinder and went up after arsonists set multiple fires there, and after locals were prevented from cutting trees on their own property, private parties long ago tried to warn the government that it was improperly managing the lands on Maui it claimed to own.

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And Catenacci offers more to refute the sick opportunist claims of the politicians, even as their own, government-run, systems failed and put more people at risk.

"’Blaming this on weather and climate is misleading,’ said Clay Trauernicht, a University of Hawaii at Manoa professor and environmental management expert. ‘Hawai'i's fire problem is due to the vast areas of unmanaged, nonnative grasslands from decades of declining agriculture.’"

And he adds:

"’These savannas now cover about a million acres across the main Hawaiian Islands, mostly the legacy of land clearing for plantation agriculture and ranching in the late 1800s/early 1900s,’ he continued. ‘The transformation to savanna makes the landscape way more sensitive to bad 'fire weather' - hot, dry, windy conditions. It also means we get huge buildups of fuels during rainy periods.’”

What continues to unfold on Maui is a sad postscript to the loss of local Hawaiian independence and its monarchical island government beneath the expansion of the US and its own expanding central authoritarianism. Lahaina Town once was the home of the Hawaiian royals, and many descendants of the monarchical capital region held onto their lands even as the islands became a state.

Now, much of what they and their families held has been lain to waste, and the bureaucracy on the island and the bureaucracy in DC seem more interested in passing the buck and getting in the way than in letting private property owners handle the land and manage it the way they know it should be managed.

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