Get a Turtle's-Eye View of the Great Barrier Reef Thanks to Shell-Mounted GoPro

Ben Graham | July 6, 2015
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As a part of a new conservation project, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) mounted a GoPro camera onto a sea turtle’s back to give us a glimpse of life under the sea at one of the world's most famous natural phenomena - the Great Barrier Reef. It’s so popular, the tourism at the wonder generates over $1 billion Australian dollars annually.

It’s pretty spectacular to watch the docile creature glide along the beautiful reef with gentle flaps of its fins. According to the video’s description, there are almost 6,000 species of aquatic life that call the reef home. In fact, the reef itself is considered the largest living thing on Earth and is even visible from space.

Get a turtle’s perspective of vibrant ocean living in the video below:




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