Geraldo Rivera Pushes 'COVID Passports': 'I Have a Right To Know If You're Contagious'

Brittany M. Hughes | July 20, 2021
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Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera believes he has “a right to know” if a person has refused the COVID vaccine and is potentially contagious to others.

In a much-maligned tweet Tuesday, Rivera, who has repeatedly pushed for “vaccine passports” to force people to prove whether they’re vaccinated against the coronavirus, tweeted:

Alarming collapse of stock markets yesterday shows how economic recovery-post-Covid-is fragile and moody. 1 thing for sure: Last thing we need is another widespread outbreak. All Americans need to be Vaccinated. With #VaccinePassports. I have right to know if you're contagious

Rivera also appeared to throw shade on his own network, slamming unnamed "Cable TV" personalities for pushing the "crazy" idea that people have the right not to get vaccinated.

Ironically, Rivera’s tweet came just hours before the White House confirmed a White House official and a top aide for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, both of whom have been fully vaccinated, have tested positive for COVID just a few days after attending a gathering for Texas Democrats, six of whom have also tested positive in the past week despite also being fully vaccinated.

Despite the fact that the COVID vaccine clearly does not fully prevent people from both catching and spreading COVID, leftists – including practically the entire clown cast over at CNN – have repeatedly pushed for mandatory COVID “passports” and called for severely limiting unvaccinated persons’ ability to go out in public to force them into getting The Jab.

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