White House Official, Pelosi Aide Test Positive For COVID After Meeting With Texas Dems

Brittany M. Hughes | July 20, 2021
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A White House official and a top aide for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 just days after hobknobbing with some of the Texas Democrats who abandoned their home state to break quorum and prevent Republicans from passing election integrity laws. 

According to Axios, both people were vaccinated and are now "mildly symptomatic." Neither were in direct contact with either President Joe Biden (who, to remind, is 78) or Pelosi (who's 81) since meeting with the Texas delegation at a rooftop reception last week.

The announcement comes after the group of nearly 60 left-wing lawmakers posted photos of themselves flying mask-less aboard a chartered jet to the nation’s capital, where they’ve spent the last week seeking out any microphone they can to praise their own heroic efforts at protecting “voter rights” – which includes protesting overwhelmingly popular voter ID laws. Which, of course, leads one to only imagine how it would have been received by the left had a bunch of self-laudatory Republicans flown sans face diapers on a crowded plane to D.C., only to spread their germs all over our federal buildings.

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On top of clearly posing a COVID risk to those around them, the publicity stunt – which has seen no shortage of cringe-worthy moments as Democrats applaud themselves for eating chicken Caesar salads and hand-washing their bras in hotel sinks – is reportedly costing Texas taxpayers an estimated $43,000 per day.

Three of the infected lawmakers tested positive Saturday, while another two tested positive on Sunday, suggesting a slow spread of the virus throughout the group. NBC reports that at least three of the six who’ve tested positive so far were full vaccinated.

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