Free California Weekend Camp Taught Kids To Dress in Drag

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 4, 2023
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This wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. 

The Young Actors Theater Camp held a weekend drag camp last weekend for students ages 8-18 in Northern California to teach aspiring actors how to dress and perform in drag.

Libs of TikTok tweeted an image of the flyer, which promoted the “free camp." The camp had previously been listed with a $597 fee which included a “bring a friend 4 free” element, but as of its most recent ad, the event was free of charge.

I guess they didn’t have enough registrants. I wonder why.

Details included that the camp was set up to help kids “discover your inner drag and share it with the world," specifically targeted for “queens, kings & non-binary royalty aged 8-18." Because apparently 8-year-olds who, mind you, can’t even stay home alone might be mature enough to decide that they’re neither male nor female.

Though the camp was advertised as a “pay what you can” event “starting at $0,” it fails to mention the extreme cost of selling your child’s innocence.

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On the event's Instagram page, organizers wrote three reasons why they thought the event just HAD to happen. 

1) We must fight hatred with knowledge and LOVE!

2) We must raise the next generation of Royalty up and let them know that they are LOVED! This is THE MOST important thing in the whole entire world! (My babies that are reading this: YOU are LOVED!!!!)

3) We must make knowledge accessible and we must continue to EXPAND!

As further incentive, the post claimed that an “extremely generous donor” offered to pay for any child to attend the camp and that the group had airline miles to help fly out kids who wanted to attend but didn’t have the financial means to get there.

It seems like they really, really, really wanted to get kids to this drag camp. Talk about grooming!

The camp shared two posts from the drag camp on its Instagram page. One claimed “Our drag family slays. Come and sashay with us” and included an image of a male camper holding a rainbow eyeshadow palette, with the other boasting, “DRAG SQUAD GOALS” with a few little boys in heels and wigs. Luckily the camp didn't look too packed in attendance, but nonetheless, these freaks still got to groom a select number of kids.

Numerous level headed individuals condemned the event on Twitter:

This is literally the definition of groomer.

— Mike Mason (@MikeMason830) April 2, 2023

It was never about equality or tolerance. It’s always been about grooming children into a neo-Marxist ideology to turn them into revolutionaries. Indoctrinating kids is just quicker than politics, but the ultimate political agenda is the same: destroy the United States.

— Liz Wheeler (@Liz_Wheeler) April 2, 2023

I thought the LGBTQI community said queerness is innate and can’t be taught?!?! 🧐 Looks a lot like “teaching” to me.

— Maggie Thorp (@Maggie_Thorp) April 2, 2023

I can only imagine the thought process that goes into sending children to a workshop that is to include adult themes and potentially harmful content.

— Tag (@marvilstones) April 2, 2023

I cannot imagine being a parent and sending my kid to an event like this in good conscience. 

Let’s just say that Jesus had better come back soon, because we’re in hell.

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