CMT Award Rundown: Drag Queen Frenzy and A Push For Gun Control

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 3, 2023
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Sunday night’s Country Music Television Awards show was another opportunity for entertainment elites to push far-left propaganda. This year’s show was infused with drag queens, a push for gun control and a clear disregard for the six lives lost in the Nashville Covenant school shooting last week. 

I knew celebs were full of themselves but I didn’t realize it had gotten this bad.

Country singer Kelsea Ballerini co-hosted the ceremony with musician Kane Brown. Ballerini performed on stage with four drag queens to her song, “If You Go Down.” By the grace of God the drag queens were wearing modest clothes (this time) but the fact that they were legit men in tights was still rather obvious. 

The stage was also decked out in rainbow and confetti. It looked like Jojo Siwa vomited across the set and the stage crew just ran with it. 

After the event, Ballerini also posted this on her Twitter account:

It’s likely Ballerini was protesting the recent Tennessee legislation that barred drag queens from entering the same spaces as children. Remember, the left thinks drag queen, aka professional perverts, should be reading stories to our kids, teaching them how to twerk, and showing them their crotches covered by nothing but fishnets. 

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At the same awards show, the hosts mentioned the six lives lost by the hand of the transgender shooter at the Nashville Covenant Christian school.

Instead of mentioning how mentally ill the shooter was, Ballerini said we needed “real action” to stop these shooters. Yeah, real action that includes stopping or at least addressing the mental illnesses the trans shooter, and other people like her, possess, not just outright banning guns like most of the left thinks.

Celebs only care about their egos and pandering to the left. Sunday’s CMT Awards were no exception to that. 

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