Former Planned Parenthood Director Reveals Sick Humor of Abortion Workers

Maureen Collins | August 8, 2017
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Former Planned Parenthood director-turned-pro-life activist Abby Johnson appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight this week, where she shared some disturbing stories about her time working for the abortion giant.

"When you're working inside of an industry like that, you become very dark and you stop seeing just the heinous acts that you're participating in," Johnson told Carlson.

But it's the next thing she said will make your skin crawl. 

Johnson talked about how her co-workers joked about the children they aborted: 

"It becomes a joke. I remember my supervisor joking about the babies that we aborted and things like, you know, the security code on our alarm was 2229 because that spelled out 'baby.' And they thought that was just hilarious. The freezer in the lab where we pieced together baby parts...everybody jokingly called that 'the nursery.'"



Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood up until 2009, when she witnessed an ultrasound-guided abortion. After watching a baby fight for its life, Johnson left the organization and is now a pro-life activist. 

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