Former Bears QB Loses Uber Eats Commercial After Dissing School Mask Mandates

Gabriel Hays | August 16, 2021
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If you’re an athlete who’s mum on the Chinese government’s ethnic cleansing or in full support of BLM’s Marxist shakedown of the United States, then you get all the corporate sponsorships in the world. But if you’re an athlete who advocates for freedom and is skeptical of far left ideas like masking kids in public schools, then you can kiss all your ad sponsorships goodbye.

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler learned the hard way about going against the status quo. After word got out that the former athlete doesn’t believe that our nation’s public schools should mandate masks for young children, Uber Eats allegedly dropped Cutler from it's latest ad campaign.

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Cutler tweeted on August 13 that he had “lost a commercial with Uber Eats partnering with the NFL.” For those who don’t know, UberEats is ride sharing company Uber’s food delivery add-on to their business. 

Cutler added that he was dropped from the project because he and the company’s “views aren’t aligned.” Yeah, heaven forbid Uber try and sell pizza delivery with a football star who doesn’t agree with it on mask politics.

According to The Daily Mail, Cutler showcased this abominable freedom of thought while retweeting viral video of anti-progressive sports journalist and OutKick creator Clay Travis. In the video, Travis is shown speaking against mask mandates at a Tennessee school board meeting, mentioning the “absurdity” of said mandates and arguing that CDC data doesn't even support them. 

Travis captioned a video of the event, saying, “The anti mask at schools revolution is underway in Tennessee. These are the people who couldn’t get in the meeting tonight. They’ve never seen a crowd this big before for a school board meeting.” In his retweet, Cutler commented, “Let’s be clear. No one wants to go to a school board meeting. So this speaks volumes.”

Though the company never explicitly addressed either of Cutler's tweets, an Uber Eats spokesperson told that “they are only looking to work with those who are pro-vaccination.” They specifically said, “We are proud of all the work Uber has done over the last year to help get as many people vaccinated as possible. As such, we prefer to partner with those who support that work.”

Yeah well that makes sense. Cutler went against the grain of the mask up, vax up, or else posturing of the institutions and isn’t getting his big Uber Eats pay out. Though in response to being pulled from their PR line up, the former quarterback mentioned that it “frees up my weekend,” and floated ideas of more important work he might attend to now that he’s not in the pockets of a leftwing corporate giant. 

Recently Cutler expressed interest in school board elections. “Doing school board research. Looks like a 2024 campaign for me," he tweeted on August 12. There we go. Sounds like Cutler is open to making a real difference, rather than supporting the business model of a company that openly dumps on the people of this country.