U.S. Medical Group Blocks Evidence That Kids SHOULD NOT Undergo Gender Reassignment

Gabriel Hays | August 11, 2021
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More and more scientists and pediatricians are coming to the conclusion that giving young children puberty blockers and other hormone treatments to combat their so-called gender dysphoria is a bad idea. Good, glad their science has led them to what common sense has known for ages. But still, woke American medical bureaucracies like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) refuse to hear such findings.

In fact the AAP is so protective of four year olds being able to get gender reassignment surgery that they are blocking serious skeptical medical groups from telling them it’s a bad idea.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed published by journalist and trans activist enemy number one, Abigail Shrier, the author explained that at the AAP’s latest national conference, the academy blocked attendance for one group which is skeptical of letting kids undergo medical procedures to transition genders. Shrier wrote, “On Friday the AAP told an international consortium of more than 100 clinicians and researchers who doubt the reigning orthodoxy that they couldn’t set up an information booth at the association’s national conference.”

The particular group that was barred, the “Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine,” objected to the fact that young children are often given an easy greenlight to undergo hormone treatment and other various gender transitioning procedures, like life-altering surgery, by many doctors and physicians. SEGM has condemned these “affirmative care” protocols, which allow for young people, who say they’re suffering from gender dysphoria, to transition with heavy “encouragement” from physicians.

Essentially the SEGM has said this easy access to transitioning is dangerous for kids. Of course it is. But the AAP refuses to acknowledge that point, even in a debate setting, acting as if the science is out that allowing kids and other confused individuals to undergo life-altering procedures is safe. SEGM adviser, pediatrician and AAP fellow Julia Mason told Shrier that the AAP is “working very hard to give an appearance that everything’s been decided and there’s no debate. The growing numbers of detransitioners suggests that [pediatricians] don’t really know what we’re doing in this case.”

So the point is, there is more and more evidence that being very supportive of children trying to transition leads to horrible consequences and extreme regret for these kids later in life. And it isn’t just SEGM pointing this out. Some of the most influential medical groups in western medicine have decided to pump the brakes on promoting kid’s gender transitioning.

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Shrier stated, “In the past year, major hospitals in Europe have ended or curtailed pediatric hormone treatments in response to their own internal reviews.” Sounds like the transgender craze is crashing onto the rocks across the pond. One major hospital, U.K.’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, has concluded that benefits for gender reassignment procedures for kids are “unclear.” 

Also, the author cited the fact that the Karolinska Hospital of Sweden – “which is affiliated with the institute that awards the Nobel Prize in medicine” – stopped their use of puberty blockers and hormone treatment for people under 18, “except in controlled research settings.”

So it seems like some normalcy is clawing its way back in the west, though that’s slow to happen in the U.S. Even with the evidence, “there’s no home for that message inside U.S. medical societies,”  endocrinologist and SEGM co-founder Will Malone told Shrier. Hence SEGM being disinvited from the AAP convention. 

Let’s hope American medicine wakes up before there are thousands more children whose lives are ruined by gender reassignment.