‘Forgiven’: Church Purchases And Forgives Medical Debt

Eric Scheiner | April 13, 2023
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Thousands of families in North Carolina have had their medical debt forgiven after Trinity Moravian Church purchased and forgave nearly $3.3 million in medical debt.

WXII-TV explains how Rev. John Jackman and his church spread forgiveness.

“There is an organization called ‘RIP medical debt’ that is able to bid medical debt when it's up for sale and it buy it off for a penny on the dollar,” Jackman said. "This round, we had targeted Davidson county and we raised $15,000 and with that, we were able to go in and bid and buy about $3 million in medical debt in Davidson County."

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In some cases residents who were “forgiven” got to watch their bills literally and figuratively go up in smoke during a church service on Sunday.

“When you have received forgiveness you need to turn around and give it to others,” Jackman said.

Stories like this show how communities of faith can create real miracles for people without big government or executive orders forcibly taking taxpayers dollars.

Real community and real charity - and doesn’t that make you smile?

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