Biden-Economy Easter: Americans Resort To Coloring POTATOES To Avoid Expense of Eggs

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 9, 2023
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Given the documented government screw-ups and impositions that have damaged the supply chains even as centrally-controlled, government-tied, banking and federal debt-financing have destroyed the buying power of our money, one might think he has seen it all when it comes to signs of the rotting economy. But sadly, what we’ve seen is the tip of the proverbial economic iceberg, and a new story helps us see what is happening to our neighbors, families, and friends.

Amy Furr writes for Breitbart that the price of eggs -- one of the most basic foodstuffs in human history – has risen so much that some Christians celebrating Easter Sunday resorted to dying POTATOES, instead.



“High egg prices are forcing many Americans to rethink their Easter traditions as they struggle financially in President Joe Biden’s (D) economy.

Wisconsin shopper Jackie Regnier is avoiding buying eggs for the holiday because her family simply cannot afford them, CBS 58 reported Friday.”

Regnier is turning to “plastic or paper” eggs, as she and her family try to cut corners while still celebrating the Resurrection.

Furr also reports that the publication Delish has covered the problem, celebrating the “creativity” of people to seek alternatives to the expensive egg.

“Now, some consumers who are trying to find eggs so their children and family members can dye them for Easter are getting creative with the tradition, Delish reported Wednesday.

‘Well, believe it or not, but the humble potato is about to save your holiday. And we’re not talking about breakfast potatoes at Easter brunch. People are discovering that potatoes work just as well as eggs when painted or dyed like Easter eggs,’ the article said.”

Of course, regardless of whether one spells it properly or misspells it, with an added “e”, the way Dan Quayle did when he was advised many years ago, the potato does not obtain the same level of metaphorical meaning as the egg. The egg sees new life emerge from what appears to be inert and lifeless – a symbol that helps people think about Christ rising from death.

I might love potatoes, but they just don’t carry the weight of the egg for Easter.


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More important, the fact that average Americans afford a basic foodstuff such as the egg is not the result of eggs suddenly turning rotten. It is a result of government policies – ranging from central control of the money they tell us we may use for trades, to “regulations” (i.e. edicts) imposed on farmers, to “regulations” on transport and fuel exploration, gathering, refining, and sale.

Over the past two years, tens of millions of egg-laying chickens have been destroyed, thanks to USDA commands and subsidies to the poultry industry. The government-offered rationale is that the steps were taken to stop the spread of “bird flu,” but one of the most widely USDA-suggested tests for the H1N1 and H5N5 bird flus and for numerous other poultry pathogens is the polymerase chain reaction test – already known as unreliable for diagnostics, and the government interventions and regulations steer poultry industrialists towards culling, firing employees, taking the federal “payments” and only slowly restocking their chicken populations.

The economy is so bad and the so-called “free market” is so influenced and manipulated by politicians and their fascist diktats and payoffs that even Easter is being hit.

Furr notes that Idaho Potatoes recently posted a video helping people see creative ways to dye the starchy staple, and she adds:

“In March, Dollar Tree pulled eggs from its shelves as prices rose approximately 60 percent since the fall, according to Breitbart News.”

Easter stands as a reminder of Christ’s resurrection and promise of eternal life for those who believe, repent of sins, and follow his Word. The egg is a strong symbol of “rebirth” and the continuation of life thanks to the natural rules God created.

The government stands in the way of those natural rules. Its parasites and manipulators warp and corrupt God’s design, and even as Americans search for ways to skirt the heavier and heavier burdens government places on our lives, we ought to remember that Christ and his followers did not bend to the rule of man.

It is the “rule of man” that harms our lives – and, now, even makes it more difficult for to celebrate Easter -- the Rule of God – in the way we usually enjoy.

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