Fmr. Capitol Police Chief Tells Tucker Intel Given Leading into Jan. 6 Didn't Inform His Dept. of Any Possible Trouble

Nick Kangadis | August 11, 2023
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Who really knows what else the January 6th Congressional Committee omitted from their inquiry when you take into account that they not only neglected to interview the chief of the Capitol Police — who was the chief on January 6th and has since been forced to resign — but they DID interview his replacement, who was NOT the chief that day and took HIS word as gospel.

For the record, the establishment media has also decided to ignore talking to former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund. He has been largely silent…until now.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson initially interviewed Sund before he was let go by the outlet, and that interview has never seen the light of day.

Sund began by talking about the intelligence he was given going into the January 6, 2021 event at the Capitol, which he says was vastly different from the information other intelligence agencies had going into that day.

What we’ve learned that was out there at the time versus what we had coming into it, night and day. When you talk about the intelligence agency, I have my own intelligence agency up at Capitol Police, IICD — Interagency Intelligence Coordination Division — that coordinates with the other intelligence agencies. And now, you know, we’re seeing the intelligence I was getting coming into it was indicating this was going to be just like previous MAGA rallies, the November and December rallies that we had where we had limited skirmishes.

We had some skirmishes afterwards down by BLM [Black Lives Matter] Plaza with some of the Antifa groups and some of the BLM groups. But coming into it, absolutely zero — with the intelligence that we know now existed talking about attacking the Capitol, killing my police officers, attacking members of Congress and killing members of Congress — none of that was included in the intelligence coming up to…

“That you received?” Carlson interjected.

“Correct,” Sund replied.

“But others received that intelligence?” Carlson followed up.

“Well we now know, FBI [and] DHS was swimming in that intelligence,” Sund said. “We also know now that the military seemed to have some very concerning intelligence as well.”

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Sund spoke of how it was unusual for the intelligence agencies to not have released a JIB — or Joint Intelligence Briefing — concerning January 6, as they usually do for any event of consequence. Carlson noted that it sounded like Sund was classifying January 6 as an “intelligence failure,” but that an intelligence failure is typically something that happens on accident.

He also told Carlson that while the military and intelligence agencies were predicting violence for January 5 and 6 — reports of which Sund was NOT informed of — they were very close to revoking permits, but also for Virginia and Maryland National Guard units to stand down and not take any aggressive countermeasures to the predicted violence.

Gen. Mark Milley’s name was also brought up as having intelligence of chatter that members of Congress could targeted, informed certain members of Congress, but not Sund.

I don’t want to give too much more away, but the topic of possible instigator of January 6, Ray Epps, came up. Sund and Carlson both talk about the openly available video of Epps encouraging people to enter the Capitol on January 5 and 6, despite Epps’ claims that he’s the victim in this situation.

Sund summed up the whole January 6 situation as “politicized.”

The interview comes in at over 55 minutes. So, for the full interview, watch below:


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