Bill Gates Calls For Global ‘Environmental Surveillance’

Evan Poellinger | September 27, 2023
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Bill Gates has recently called for increased environmental surveillance, along with a global vaccine production infrastructure.

In a speech to the Japan Society on September 21, Bill Gates outlined his post-pandemic vision of addressing diseases across the globe. “For pandemics,” Gates opined, “we need new tools. Things like environmental surveillance needs to be done on a constant basis, so we’re never caught off guard again.”


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Gates never specifies precisely what this entails, but it should be noted that surveillance during the pandemic in countries like South Korea included using surveillance camera footage, smartphone location data and credit card purchase records to help trace the recent movements of coronavirus patients.

Gates also advocated for “a worldwide network of vaccine manufacturing capacity. There have been recent advances funded by the [Gates] Foundation and others to allow us to have mRNA vaccine factories at various levels of capacity at a very low cost and able to make low cost vaccines.” Gates seems to have been referring to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, which have been shown to not actually prevent coronavirus infection.

It seems that all the points Gates included in his view of “pandemic prevention” would, expand the surveillance power of the government and the influence of his foundation.

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