Bill Gates: 'Sadly,' COVID Infection Offers Better Immunity Than Vaccines

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 20, 2022
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In video tweeted February 18 by author and journalist Laura Dodsworth, a clearly befuddled Bill Gates tells panel and audience members at the recent MSC Munich Security Conference 2022 that he’s sad to say something we’ve known about COVID-19 that many of us have known for a long time, and that is generally true in the history of virology: natural immunity is longer-lasting than “vax-conferred” immunity, and it spreads faster, bringing a population to “endemic” status (in which the vast majority are immune) more rapidly.

Evidently unaware of Gates' praise of authoritarian Chinese crackdowns and other dumb comments he's made during this demoralizing COVID affair, the hostess asked Gates, “Where would you assess we are today, in beating COVID-19.”

Why anyone would want to ask Mr. Gates this question is an impenetrable conundrum. But his answer actually was revelatory, indicating just how uninformed he must have been for the long stretch of the insane lockdowns and his equally nutty push to get everyone injected with an mRNA jab to which his “Gates Foundation” has financial and ideological ties.

Said Mr. Gates:

Sadly, the virus itself - particularly the variant Omicron - is a type of vaccine. That is, it creates both B cell and T cell immunity. And it’s done a better job of getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines.

Here's that video:

Mr. Gates might not know of the fact that SARS viruses generally inspire most humans with functioning immune systems to create B cell (known as memory B lymphocyte response) and T cell immunity. The B cells “permeate intracelluar spaces” and help stimulate T cells through “antigen presentation, costimulation and cytokine production.” The T cells are the “memory” workers, and they provide the long-term immunity after viral infection.

Heck, if he had spent more time reading about coronaviruses in general, or about SARS and COVID19 specifically, he would have known this long ago.

Even if he only caught up in October, he could have read a study published by Cold Spring Harbor Lab, Yale, and the British Medical Journal offering the non-peer reviewed basics of this. He also might have read the November news concerning the Israeli study showing the obvious: natural immunity is better, or the November 1 Washington Post story admitting that the CDC had its own study showing similar results.

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But what’s really galling is the fact that Mr. “Trust the Science (that I fund and from which my foundation gains revenue, big time)” appears to be so disappointed by his sudden realization.

“Sadly…” he says?

Why would anyone be saddened to learn that the least dangerous strain of a relatively NOT lethal virus provides long-term immunity better than not-fully-tested, liability-immune experimental gene-vector mRNA injections?

Isn’t he supposedly concerned with keeping people from dying prematurely?

Wouldn’t he be happy that there’s a free, safe way to become immune, to avoid the risks of jabs, avoid the ties they might have to abortion, and the ties they have to taxation?

Or is he concerned with something else, and deserving of critical investigation by any of us who care about truth, personal health, and the rights that Gates’ friends in government have crushed in their cracked zeal to push their jabs on us?

By the way, this is the man who, at the same appearance, offered the idiotic sarcasm when asked about mask mandates:

What is the downside to wearing a mask? I mean, it's gotta be tough. You know, you have to wear pants. I mean, this is tough stuff. These societies  are so cruel. Why do they make you wear pants? I'm trying to figure it out.

A woman on the panel then mawkishly quipped:

We're glad you're wearing yours.

Of course, she meant his pants. He, like she and all the others on the "elite" love-fest panel pushing masks and other idiocy, was not wearing a mask.

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