Entire CA School Board That Was Caught Insulting Taxpaying Parents RESIGNS

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 21, 2021
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Remember those wonderful “public servants” on the Oakley California Union Elementary School District Board of Education who began mocking parents during a live board meeting, not realizing they were still broadcasting to the public who see their money taken by said government and their kids stuck in the Oakley Union education system?

Since their true colors shone for all the world to see, and since their resentment for parents, kids, other taxpayers, and teachers, was displayed in stark, real-time video, they have all resigned.

Which begs the question: does anyone in his or her right might think these people would have high-tailed it if they had not been caught? Not a chance. And their scurrilous, broadly slanderous attitudes would continue to drive their decisions about families stuck in their public school trap. These are folks who seem to think less of the taxpaying residents than they do for knowing how to handle a live-stream broadcast – and that means less than zero.

These are people like board member Lisa Brizendine, who, not realizing the stream still was live to the public, said about that public:

They don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. It’s really unfortunate they want to pick on us because they want their babysitters back.

Yeah, “pick on us.” Those would be the members of the taxpaying public, the ones the government picks on every day in order to fill the coffers of the school district.

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Then there’s the oh-so-classy board member Richie Masadas, who, in response to another member saying parents just wanted their kids away so they could smoke weed, noted that his brother owned a medical marijuana service and “the clientele were parents with their kids in school.”

One of the parents who witnessed the sad and infuriating display was a man named Thomas Will, who appeared on FoxNews after the resignations. When asked if this gave him any “hope” or “desire” to enter his two children into those government schools.

Will responded, saying:

No. It doesn’t.

But he’ll be forced to keep paying for them, and so will thousands of people who don’t have kids in the system.

Because, even though the board members are gone, the system of taxation, the system of forced payments for a service that many don’t use (taxpayers without kids) or many find below-par or offensive – that system will continue. It will keep pitting parent against parent to argue over curricula, and see new bureaucrats running the tawdry, tumultuous system.

The board members’ insults were obvious. They’re gone. But the continuing insult of taxpayer-funded so-called “education” will continue. Funding likely will rise, and the perpetual motion machine of collectivism will grind on.

One of the planks of Karl Marx’s 1848 “Communist Manifesto” was compulsory “free” public education. In his eyes, mandates and government taking property were somehow synonymous to “free”.

But nothing is free because people have to work to provide those things, and people are not designed to be slaves.

Until more Americans wake up to the reality that public schools enslave taxpayers in the mode of Karl Marx, the insult of “public education,” with all its failures and obnoxious bureaucrats propping them up behind the scenes, will continue.

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