Economist Stephen Moore: Open The Economy Safely, Smartly, and Now

MRCTV Contributor | May 8, 2020
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With the dawn of the Covid 19 virus, we’re living through historic, highly unusual times. 

To date, more than 200,000 people worldwide have died as a result of this horrible pandemic.

The question of the day for all of us is relatively straightforward: what’s the most effective way to combat this horrible threat against humanity? 

We sure can’t count on the liberal media to provide us with objective information.

Certainly doctors, and health experts have much to say and their advice should be listened to and strongly considered.

But the toll this virus is taking on our economy cannot be neglected any longer. 

We need to immediately find a way to open the economy safely and smartly.


(Stephen Moore is an economist and a member of the Save Our Country Task Force and is a member of President Trump's Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups.)