Dinesh D’Souza Is Planning New Film on Liberal Fascism

Mark Judge | August 1, 2017
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The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Dinesh D’Souza is in the planning stages for a new documentary about fascism.

D’Souza’s new book, “The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left,” compares the tactics and philosophy of of fascists like Mussolini and Hitler to the modern left. 

“I’m raising money now for a movie next summer based on this book and perhaps another project,” D’Souza told Paul Bond.

In 2016 D’Souza produced “Obama’s America,” which earned $33.4 million domestically. He followed up with “America: Imagine a World Without Her” ($14.4 million) and “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party” ($13.1 million).

“I’ve developed a pool of about 50 investors who are very committed to my work,” D’Souza told the Reporter, “and they believe the Hillary movie had a role in her defeat in the election, so they couldn’t be more excited. And next year is an important midterm election.”

Asked to “explain in 50 words or less what fascism is,” D’Souza replied:

It is the power of the centralized state. In Italy, Germany and everywhere, it has meant consolidating the power of the state over the economy and the lives of ordinary people. It’s state-run capitalism, so the government doesn’t nationalize the private sector but it tells it what to do. That’s what we saw under Obama with health care and the banks. Hillary and Bernie wanted to do that with free college. This idea, where the government orders the private sector what to do, is classical fascist economics.