'Destroy the Confederacy' Rally Vows To Erase the 'Stain In the Fabric' of History

ashley.rae | August 22, 2017
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Just hours before a Houston man planted a bomb at a Confederate statue in Houston, another park in the city hosted a “Destroy the Confederacy!” rally.

According to the Facebook event page for the rally, the purpose of the event held in Sam Houston Park was to “ERASE THE CONFEDERACY!” since it is allegedly “a STAIN IN THE FABRIC of our history that needs to be removed.” Houston Public Media claims the event was sponsored by Black Lives Matter Houston and the Socialist Alternative Houston.

Ashton Woods, one of the organizers for Black Lives Matter Houston, told the Texas Observer, “These statues remind black people of all the horrible things racist white folks have done.”

“Their existence only encourages racist white people to keep doing crazy crap,” he continued.

Woods can be heard in a video saying, “The statues that are in the city, in Hermann Park and right here, need to go. And then after that, we can talk about removing the street names and the names off of these facilities, ‘cause you don’t see Adolf Hitler High School in Germany.”

The arrest of 25-year-old Andrew Schneck for planting explosives at a Confederate monument in Hermann Park came just hours after the protest. Hermann Park is approximately three miles from where the rally was held.

According to Schneck, his motivation for trying to blow up the monument to Confederate Lt. Dick Dowling was that he simply “didn’t like the guy.”

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