Denzel Washington: While Shooting New Film, ‘We Prayed Every Day’


If Hollywood had any sense, it would make Denzel Washington the head of a major studio - or several - as a way of recovering from the sex abuse scandals plaguing the town.

Washington, 62, is an Oscar winner, family man and father who promotes the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He’s also a man of faith.

That faith was expressed when Washington revealed that while shooting the forthcoming film, "Roman J. Israel, Esq.," he and producer and writer Dan Gilroy prayed and read the Bible every day.

"God put us together," Washington told the Gospel Herald during a press junket at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles Saturday. "We prayed every day, we read the daily Word every day."

Washington added, "Dan and I have been prayer partners in this whole collaboration...We were on the same page from day one. We know Who we work for, and we're just trying to do our best work.” 

“Roman J. Israel, Esq.”  is about a lawyer, Washington, who has worked for the public and for little money or recognition when finds a morally bankrupt way of gaining wealth and prestige. The film co-stars Colin Farrell and Carmen Ejogo.

"He is Old Testament, he knows the law, but, not to say he doesn't have faith, but he has faith in the law," Washington explained of his character to Gospel Herald reporter Leah Marieann Klett.  "His conviction was through the law."

“Roman J. Israel, Esq.” opens November 17.

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