Dems Re-Up the 'Equality Act' To Force Americans To Accept Transgenderism

Haika Mrema | June 22, 2023
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Democrat public officials have reintroduced the Equality Act back into Congress after multiple failed attempts over the past decade to pass it into law. 

The Equality Act would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and include gender identity and sexual orientation as categories protected from "discrimination" by federal law. In pushing the bill, left-wing representatives also emphasized protecting “trans youth" from "life-threatening" "hate crimes."

“As the Human Rights Campaign has declared, we are in a state of emergency characterized by expanding discrimination and increasing hate crimes,” Senator Jeff Merkley said. “LGBTQ+ Americans and especially trans youth are experiencing life-threatening environments.”

“We have seen nearly 750 pieces of anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation introduced in state houses across the country, more than 500 of those just since January of this year,” National Center of Transgender Equality Policy Director Olivia Hunt added. “And as we all know by now, most of them particularly target transgender and non-binary youth with the most vicious attacks focusing on trans youth in particular.” 

Have they ever stopped to think that the legislation has everything to do with protecting children rather than “attacking” children? If it is an “attack” to prevent children from living in confusion and sexual perversion when they aren’t fully capable of thinking reasonably, then so be it. 

California representative Mark Takano proceeded to call the bill “simple” and labeled any opposition to it “extremist” and “homophobic.” 

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“Across America, Republican legislators are setting records for anti-LGBTQ legislation introduced and passed into law, and many of these bills target the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQ community,” Takano says. “Not only are trans Americans being denied the most basic human dignities of being called by the right name or allowed to use the bathroom, they are being denied their own existence.”  

Since when did it become a “basic right” to invade the private spaces of the opposite gender by using their bathrooms or locker rooms? What about a “basic right” to privacy? 

Meanwhile, president of the Human Rights Campaign Kelly Robinson promoted her “guidebook” to help those who identify as LBGTQ+ “stay safe” from “legislative assaults” and “violent political rhetoric” 

“Yes, this is a state of emergency, but what we are calling on Congress to do is to answer the state of emergency with a sense of urgency,” she said.

Will this be another failed attempt of signing this into law, or will we have something bigger on our hands? 

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