Massachusetts College Tells Students To Drop 'Gendered' Language Like 'Mother/Father'

Sarah Prentice | June 22, 2023
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We’re all aware of how the rainbow mafia loves to force the use of “pronouns” down everyone’s throats. This time they’re doing it literally, by controlling what you say. 

According to Campus Reform,  Springfield College in Massachusetts recently released “pronoun guidelines” informing students on how to use a person's "preferred pronouns" to affirm their gender delusions. In it, the college claims that pronouns are important because “you cannot assume how someone identifies their gender based on their appearance.”

“As a society, we commonly assume the gender of others by their appearance and indicate these assumptions by using gendered language, such as she/he, ma’am/sir, Ms./Mr., and ladies/gentlemen,” the website reads. “This practice results in many individuals, especially trans and gender-nonconforming individuals, being misgendered, which may lead them to feel disrespected, marginalized, and invisible.”

Boo hoo. Sometimes the way you feel doesn’t correspond with reality. That is a hard truth for the transgender community, but one they need to hear nonetheless.

However, Springfield is clearly not interested in telling the truth.

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In fact, the college is so dead set on peddling the delusional ideology of transgenderism and pronoun use, that it is suggesting people completely transform their speech by swapping commonly used words for more “gender-inclusive” ones. Some words the university suggests ditching out of your vocabulary include common words such as: “mother/father,” “sister/brother,” “mankind,” “man-made,” “boyfriend/girlfriend,” “husband/wife,” “son/daughter,” “freshman,” and “congressman.” 

Imagine how many times you’d fail this game each day.

Some words the school suggest you use instead include: “parent,” “sibling,” “people/human beings/humanity,” “machine-made/synthetic/artificial,” “partner,” “spouse/significant other,” “child/kid,” “first-year student,” and “legislator/congressional representative.”

They’re kidding, right? This sounds like something straight from the Babylon Bee website - and boy, do I wish it was. Unfortunately, this is real news.

We're now living in such a delusional society that people will now have to worry about offending someone with common language that has existed since the beginning of the English language. 

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