Dana Loesch Blows the Whistle on Wisconsin-Based Fear Campaign Against Local Conservatives


This is an absolutely terrifying image of a possible future. It’s an encroaching shadow of a progressive police state, an America where police are used as a political bludgeoning tool to impose terror on “dissenting” ideologies.

Terror is exactly what has been felt by victims of what are being called "John Doe Investigations": criminal investigations that have reportedly targeted Wisconsin residents because of their connections to Scott Walker, their support for Act 10 (a bill that limited public-employee benefits and altered collective-bargaining rules for public-employee unions), and their outspoken support for conservative ideals.

National Review’s David French blew this story wide open as he was able to make contact with people who were brave enough to speak out against what they warn are unconstitutional assaults on their lives, property and livelihood. Among them was one of Act 10’s lead architects Cindy Archer, who was once an aide to Scott Walker.

Every one of the cases featured in French’s article is eerily similar in that there was always an overwhelming number of police officers surrounding their homes (some even armed with battering rams), surging into the houses, ruthlessly searching through their property, and confiscating their posessions without any explanation. Officers yelled at homeowners and their families and told them that they would not be allowed a lawyer during the search and were warned that they could NOT speak to anyone about the case. They weren’t given the right to remain silent, they were ORDERED to be silent.

It gets even worse when left-leaning publications like Salon attempt to invalidate questions prompted by these events by comparing them to things like Ferguson.

The video embedded below shows Dana Loesch interviewing not only David French, but also Director of the Wisconsin Club for Growth Eric O’Keefe. He has been dealing with this travesty for over 18 months and his organization was one of the first to publicly speak out against these practices.




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