Cowards! DNC Deletes Tweet Claiming Trump Independence Day Celebration at Mt. Rushmore is 'Glorifying White Supremacy'

Nick Kangadis | June 30, 2020
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Can we please stop pretending that leftists haven’t lost their minds? Don’t get me wrong. Politicians in general need a good psych evaluation. I’m also not trying to downplay mental illness. But when you equate Mount Rushmore with “white supremacy,” you might need to seek help.

“The office Twitter account of the Democratic National Committee [DNC], led by Chair @TomPerez” — as their Twitter bio says — tweeted and subsequently deleted an article by The Guardian with a caption of their own making that claims a President Donald Trump Independence Day celebration planned to take place at Mount Rushmore is “glorifying white supremacy.”

The tweet was preserved by Deputy Director of Communications for the 2020 Trump campaign Matt Wolking and tweeted out to his account for all to see.

Take a look:

The DNC deleted the tweet, not because they feel what was tweeted out was wrong, but because their radicalism was on display for all to see. Leftists don't feel guilt, unless it's "white guilt." Their typical response to anything that could make them look bad is to deflect blame onto others.

Leftists appear to have no shame in their game, which at this point seems like denigrating anything considered traditionally American. The problem with their actions is that they don’t really have any authenticity behind their outrage. They do what they do to score virtue signaling points that then gets translated into the propaganda we see from the radical media.

It’s past time for people to just let things like this go without holding those responsible accountable. Hopefully, some kind of leadership says ‘enough is enough’ and takes some kind of measure to calm things down. Living in a radical society benefits no American. Maybe that’s why leftists are trying to destroy everything considered American.

H/T: Fox News