Covington Kid Nick Sandmann Suing NBC for $275M After Media Smears

Monica Sanchez | May 2, 2019
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The Covington Catholic High School student who found himself in the center of controversy earlier this year thanks to biased and unfair media coverage is suing NBCUniversal for $275 million, his attorney announced Wednesday.

“Today, @LLinWood and I filed a $275,000,000 lawsuit against NBCUniversal on behalf of Nicholas Sandmann,” lawyer Todd V. McMurtry wrote on Twitter. “The facts of the suit show the anti-Trump narrative NBC pushed so hard.”

Nick Sandmann, who was attending the March for Life in Washington, D.C., in January, was vilified by the media after a video went viral purportedly showing a confrontation between him, his classmates, and a Native American elder outside the Lincoln Memorial.

The media jumped on the video, claiming that Sandmann and his classmates initiated the confrontation and condemned them for bigotry.

It just so happened that Sandmann was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Despite additional testimony and video evidence contradicting that narrative, the media continued to condemn the Covington students.

Sandmann and other students came forward to say that they had received death threats as a result of the negative coverage.

His legal team in March released a video entitled “Nick Sandmann v Media Giants,” indicating that “Nicholas and his legal team will not be stopped until these goliath corporations are held accountable for their lack of journalistic integrity,” as MRCTV reported.

“This marks the third major lawusit Sandmann's legal team has launched. The team is also suing The Washington Post for $250 million as well as CNN for $275 million,” Fox News reports. “McMurty previously suggested that The Associated Press and HBO could face similar lawsuits.”