Bozell: Media Coverage Of Covington Kids is 'Mob Mentality'

mrctvstaff | January 24, 2019
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Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell says liberal media coverage of Covington High School students is just an agenda-driven smear campaign. 

In reality, the Covington Kids were the victims of a group of radical leftist thugs who intimidated and harassed them at the annual March for Life. The video evidence, the full video evidence, is crystal clear and indisputable. When the story initially broke with the edited, dishonest video, the liberal media didn’t spend a moment to make sure it was true!It fit perfectly with their anti-Catholic, anti-white, pro-abortion and Trump-hating agenda. So they ran with it. No questions asked. But of course it’s all turned out to be a hoax and the liberal media still haven’t issued any real apologies for their dishonest journalism. 

On Wednesday, Bozell announced the launch of a petition to hold the media accountable for their biased actions.

This isn’t just character assassination against innocent high school children, this is an attack that could end in bloodshed — or worse. It’s resulted in death threats and Covington Catholic High School had to close its doors. And then, arrange police escorts for the kids. Anyone giving any oxygen to these leftist radicals or refusing to condemn them is complicit in this. They share the blame for what has happened and, God forbid, what might happen.

The media must be held accountable. We’ll continue to expose and denounce them until they back down completely — and think twice before even doing this again. But I need your help. We cannot do this alone. Go to to sign our petition calling on the media to apologize for their brazenly partisan and biased journalism.Today it’s those young Covington High School Kids. Tomorrow it’s you.

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