Cosmo: 'Dear Parents-to Be: Stop Celebrating Your Baby’s Gender’

Mark Judge | July 10, 2017
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Cosmo magazine is warning expecting parents to stop celebrating the gender of their forthcoming child.

Yes, really.

Writer Diane Stopira is triggered by “gender-reveal parties.” Because gender, of course, does not really exist. The nausea you're about to feel might not be from morning sickness:

For starters, gender-reveal parties don't actually reveal gender—they reveal anatomy. Gender is a wholly different thing, inextricably tied to the social constructs around it. (Fun fact: Blue used to be the color most associated with little girls, due to its association with the Virgin Mary. But Hitler—yes, Hitler—feminized the color pink by forcing gays to wear triangles in that shade during World War II.) A gender reveal conflates the two.

"Some of the themes we're seeing are so backwards and biased," says Carly Gieseler, PhD, assistant professor at The City University of New York and author of "Gender-Reveal Parties: Performing Community Identity in Pink and Blue," a report published last January in the Journal for Gender Studies. "I'm thinking of 'Tutus or Touchdowns' and 'Bows versus Badges.' Women can't become a sheriff and wear a badge? At a time when these expectations about gender are eroding, this type of ritual is working against that progress. We're affixing a label to a child who hasn't even had a chance to enter the world and assume that identity.”

It’s tempting to say this is the outer edge of social justice warrior dementia, but every day they only become crazier.

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