CNN’s Smerconish Pushes Fascism To Pressure Americans Into Getting Vaccinated

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 4, 2021
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On Saturday, May 1, CNN’s Michael Smerconish took to the airwaves to deliver, and CNN soon tweeted, a nearly eight-minute-long COVID harangue that began with him claiming that “WE” are “struggling to reach herd immunity” against COVID19, and saw him hint that a combination of political and corporate power might be a good mix to achieve his “immunity” goal.

That combination is called fascism, Michael. You can see a documentary on it that the MRC just released as part of our free learning series, “College Unbound,” here.



After noting that supply far outstrips demand for the government-funded, government-delivered, government-protected-from-liability “vaccines,” Smerconish piously went on to imply that correlation is causation by citing a CNN poll, saying:

Twenty-six percent of Americans say they will not get the vaccine, and, among Republicans, that number is forty-four percent! That’s scary! Those folks jeopardize OUR ability to get to herd immunity faster.

So, let's study his statement, and ask some questions.

When Smerconish says, “of Americans,” why doesn’t he say “of Americans polled,” and tell us the size, demographics, and political makeup of the survey sample?

When Smerconish says, “will not get the vaccine,” what does he mean by that? Does he mean a single, particular vaccine? If so, why doesn’t he mention its name and maker? Does he mean a traditional "vaccine," which induces antibody responses that are capable of offering long-term protection against destructive viruses? Or does he mean the experimental mRNA injections that have yet to be put through the required long-term trials to receive approved for normal use by his vaunted FDA, but which, instead, were only given “emergency use authorization”?

When he says, “get to herd immunity faster,” how does he claim to make the mental leap from mRNA injections that do not necessarily confer immunity, but instead are claimed to “reduce the severity of” COVID19, to actual, real herd immunity?

Don’t bother waiting for his answers.

Smerconish then played a clip from a small number of cameraliscious GOP senators and congressmen who once worked in the medical field and now, as a group called the Congressional Doctor’s Caucus, are telling people they can “regain freedom” if they accept this “vaccine.” Curiously, none of those thrilling politicians mentioned their oaths to the U.S. Constitution, nor did they answer any of the questions we noted earlier.

Then, after a little limp pandering to left-feminism -- mentioning that when El Presidente Joe Biden gave his address to a joint session of Congress last week and stood before two women, Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- Smerconish said Joe should have used his opportunity to enter maskless, sending a message that once you get the magic “vaccine,” you can be free to enjoy a normal life.

In that camera frame, as Biden spoke, Harris and Pelosi kept their masks in place, despite the fact that all three have been vaccinated.

Smerconish chose to keep pushing the “show people they can be free by getting the jab” narrative (suggesting they will NOT be free if they don’t), citing former Planned Parenthood President, now CNN “Medical Analyst,” Leana Wen’s recent op-ed for the Washington Post:

Imagine if Wednesday’s join session had required that all attendees be fully vaccinated. Those who were not vaccinated were not welcome. But those permitted in could walk in the room, take of their mask (sic), sit next to one another, and listen to a Presidential address -- just as they did in 2019.

Evidently, it never crossed Smerconish’s or Wen’s jab-tastic minds that a joint session of Congress means it is in SESSION, and elected representatives and senators are Constitutionally assured that they can attend unless they’ve been arrested and imprisoned (wishful thinking).

And after more claims that the un-jabbed will prevent swift “herd immunity” (even though these jabs don’t necessarily make people immune), Smerconish gets to his real point:

There’s also the stick, which could be wielded by government and the private sector. Businesses have particular leverage, as they can require employees to get vaccinations and restrict pubic access to private spaces like airlines, mass transit, most sporting and cultural venues, restaurants, and movie theatres.

In other words, to Smerconish, fascism seems like a pretty good idea.

As I have mentioned at MRCTV, fascism is, strictly speaking, a form of state collectivism which allows the nominal – in name only – ownership of a business that is run or “regulated” by government.

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The “businesses” Smerconish mentioned earlier are not only regulated by government, most are “licensed” to operate – i.e. only allowed to be open – when government says so. Airlines have been an arm of the federal government for decades, going all the way back to the federal creation of air routes, the FAA, and federal subsidies and regulations applied to airports. Restaurants are licensed by their respective cities and states – contrary to the Contract Clause of the U.S. Constitution. And nearly all of the businesses he mentioned already have been smashed by government lockdowns and COVID mandates, under threats of license revocation, fines, and arrests.

Does Smerconish really think that they would not act out of fear of government retribution? And does he really think that employers who have standing contracts with workers can see the employer suddenly break those contracts, demanding employee vaccinations, without legal consequences?

And here are a few other questions for Mr. Smerconish. Since you’re so conversant on the subject of so-called “vaccines,” Michael, please, tell us, which so-called “vaccines” use an adenovirus vector to carry actual DNA to the human cell

How about potential threats to proteins normally found in the placenta and sperm?

What happens to the fetuses of pregnant women who get one of these?

Can vaccinated people give blood?

What percentage of active military are declining to take any of these jabs?

Which jabs utilized so-called “immortal cell lines” PERC6 derived from aborted fetuses in their making?

Regarding protection... Does your seatbelt protect me, Mr. Smerconish?

And two final questions, Michael…

Do you think that those “rural Americans” you deride, those people who would prefer to be left alone, who understand the concepts of private property and free association, and free will, who know that the survivability rate of this so-called “pandemic” is 99.97 percent and that the risk of asymptomatic spread is near zero – do you think they might have questions like those, that they might have reasons you never considered for avoiding the jabs?

And the last question.

After your conceited and arrogant display of such towering ignorance about even the most fundamental questions many of the people you mock might have, is there any reason anyone should bother listening to you?


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