Facemask Fauci Hits Hypocrisy Homer, Breaks OWN Rules At Nationals Game

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 24, 2020
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Dr. Anthony Fauci has been in his federal position at the National Institutes for Health for 35 years. His slot has seen him caught in the middle of controversy over the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine and the creation of the 1986 “Vaccine Court”. It’s seen him draw ire from gay activists over his abysmal early handling of HIV. It’s seen him receive deserved criticism for his clownish handling of the 2014 Ebola flare in the US, and now, it’s seen him appear as an invited big-wig to throw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals home opener at Nationals Park.

There are just two big problems with that last bit.

First, Fauci, the CDC, and their reliance on unsound data, are some of the major reasons the baseball season has been abbreviated, so the Nationals’ invite is akin to a weakling inviting the ignorant town bully into his tree-fort after the bully locked him out for two months.

Second, and most notable, Fauci’s actions at the stadium just exposed his towering hypocrisy and sanctimony wanting to force the rest of America to wear face diapers and stay eight miles apart from each other in that classic DoubleSpeak practice of “Social” Distancing.

Indeed, numerous people noticed -- and numerous photos chronicled -- Dr. Fauci performing the “Tis for thee, and not for me” ritual in the stands at Nationals Park, as he pulled -- and left -- down his specially-made “Nationals” face mask and sat shoulder-to-shoulder with two other LIVING HUMAN BEINGS.



Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering noticed, and writer Alex Berenson Tweeted about it, and now, the rest of us have handy, full-color photos of Dr. Fauci living in a manner that completely contradicts how he tells the rest of us we should live. In fact, Fauci’s “suggestions” stray much closer to asking agents of the state to threaten us if we don’t wear masks, so they’re hard to look at as mere “health recommendations.”

But, evidently, he doesn’t take his own statements very seriously.



And, as Spiering observes, Fauci seems not to take the DC Mayor’s edicts seriously, despite Doctor Mask calling for politicians to do just what Mayor Muriel Bowser has done: outlaw faceless public appearances (even in private places, like a baseball park):

Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser enacted a strict mask order on Wednesday ordering people over the age of two leaving their homes would be required to wear a mask with the threat of a fine of up to $1,000 for violating the order.

Ahh, but Fauci has a story, a reason, an “excuse”.

On Friday morning, he told FoxNews he was “getting a drink of water”, and he was “dehydrated”.

So if people are willing to cut Senator Ted Cruz some slack for pulling down his mask during a flight so he could drink the coffee one could see in his hand when leftists freaked over photos of his mask-less self, perhaps they should give Fauci a pass?

Or, perhaps they can look at the photos and see that he had no water in his hands, was pictured mask-down for quite some time, and he still was breaking his own pronouncements about anti-social distancing?

It’s one thing to be militantly statist. That’s bad enough. It’s another to be statist, hypocritical, and repeatedly wrong to such an extent that the people forced to pay your salary are mystified as to how the kabuki dance can continue.

Perhaps it’s time for Fauci to get off the dance floor, and retire.