Celtics' Jaylen Brown Calls Our Nets' Tsai for Hypocritical Punishment of Irving

John Simmons | November 16, 2022
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Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown has had perhaps the most accurate assessment of the hypocrisy surrounding how Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai has handled the suspension of Nets point guard Kyrie Irving.

Irving was suspended for five games after tweeting a link to a documentary based on a problematic book, “Hebrews to Negroes” (which has since been removed from all 600 Barnes and Nobles locations in the U.S). He was suspended for five games without pay starting on Nov. 3.

However, Irving just sat out his seventh consecutive game last night, a 32-point loss to the Sacramento Kings. Why is Irving still sitting out games after serving his suspension?

Tsai claims it's because Irving has not done enough to prove he's ready to come back. In addition to serving the suspension, Irving was given a six-step plan by the NBA to prove he’s not antisemitic, but has apparently not lived up to Tsai’s standards in this way yet.

Tsai’s response clearly angered Brown, who serves as the Vice President of the NBA’s player’s association alongside Irving, who is president. As such, Brown called out Tsai’s “alarming” response, given that Tsai has deep ties to the CCP (which we have reported on in the past).

“And our society has more work to do, including Joe Tsai,” Brown said. “It’s 2022. It takes 10 minutes of time to see who these business owners, corporations etc., who they’re associated with and who they’re doing business with, who they’re affiliated with.”

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I can’t say I disagree with Brown’s viewpoint.

While Tsai sits in his cushy office making millions by owning an NBA team and shilling for the CCP, he is lecturing Irving on how to be a moral person, all while continuing to censor Kyrie in a way that is reminiscent of how China will erase individuals or viewpoints it doesn’t like.

Irving made a mistake, but he has served his punishment and should be allowed to get back on an NBA court. Dragging out his suspension only makes this worse for everyone involved.

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