China Commies Crack Down On Hong Kong Rugby Team’s Protest Song 

Jay Maxson | November 15, 2022
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Add Hong Kong rugby to the NBA and International Olympic Committee (IOC) as sports organizations sucking up to communist China. Yesterday, Hong Kong begged forgiveness from China for the playing of the protest song “Glory to Hong Kong” prior to the men’s finals match on Sunday in Inchon. 

Hong Kong is controlled by China, and no call for freedom goes without a reprimand from evil incarnate. Breitbart reported that Hong Kong apologized to its overlords with an apology for “failing to ensure that the national anthem receives the respect it was warranted.”  

The song “Glory to Hong Kong” debuted in 2019 and was sung during numerous demonstrations for freedom (rugby players standing for the song). Many of those renditions appear on YouTube as well. The videos feature an orchestra in which musicians wear helmets and gas masks, in symbolic unity with street demonstrators facing crackdowns by Hong Kong police. In 2020, the protest song was erased by China as illegal and seditions. 

Here’s the apology: 

Asia Rugby and Korea Rugby Union would like to sincerely apologize to the Hong Kong Rugby Union, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Government of the People’s Republic of China for this incident. The incident happened due to a simple human error from a junior member of the local organizing committee, playing a song downloaded from the internet instead of the correct anthem. 

To further appease China and wanting someone to be prosecuted, Hong Kong ordered an investigation of the playing of the protest song. Lawmaker Junius Ho Kwan-yiu raised the possibility that the Hong Kong rugby team could be disbanded. “They let the country face humiliation. They have completely failed and lost our confidence and the only solution to this is to disband the team,” he said. 

That statement could have been written by the NBA, which whimpers like a mouse to keep China from cutting off its revenue stream. For fear of China banning its broadcasts, the NBA, several of its owners and players keep their mouths shut. Enes Kanter Freedom was bounced out of the league for ongoing protests against Chinese oppression. 

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The IOC rewarded the evil Beijing regime by allowing China to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. It ignored calls of opposition from around the globe. 

Fittingly, the Hong Kong team won one for oppressed countrymen, claiming the tournament championship. However, that prompted the stadium playing of the Communist anthem “March of the Volunteers.”  

Hong Kong will have to behave like nice, little soldiers and get in line with the Chi-coms. As well as the subservient NBA and the IOC. 

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