Celine Dion Pushes Creepy New Order and 'Gender-Neutral' Kids’ Clothes

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 28, 2018
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Many folks don’t need another reason to cringe when hearing the music of Celine Dion. But in case they did, she just served up a whopper.

For the past few days, the internet has been vibrating with dissatisfaction and disbelief after the legendary Canadian singer unleashed her new social justice oriented line of kids’ clothes, a line that not only pushes “genderless” children – from infants to pre-teens – but also promotes a “new order” (not the band), and, in the final outcome, actually contradicts her intended goal of creating gender-neutral clothes.

It all starts with her seemingly self-deprecating, clumsily egomaniacal, insulting, and creepy extended video-ad, an ad that sees her carry a strange black bag emblazoned with a white cross into a hospital, stroll past the guards, invade a birth ward full of pink-clothed and blue-clad newborns, and proceed to blow black dust all over them as she explains that children shouldn’t be seen as their parents’ kids, but as some abstract, globalist link to a utopian future. Oh, and for good measure, the symbols for "male" and "female" are replaced by big black and white crosses.

“We may thrust them forward into the future,” she proclaims. “But the course will always be theirs to choose.”

And then, like the discards of some SJW Tinkerbell, her dust changes the pink outfits of the girls and the blue outfits of the boys into:

Black and white onesies covered with weird crosses and occultic, five-pointed black-stars.

‘Cause nothing says “care” more than breaking into a birth ward and spraying kids with magic dust that makes them genderless social justice warrior chess pieces.

Of course, the whole point of the tiresome and unfunny commercial, the whole point of the line, is to tell parents to let kids find their own way when it comes to gender.

CELINUNUNU unites two forces by one voice: fashion has the power to shape people’s minds. Inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes.

Individuality through clothes. What a novel idea. We’ve never seen that before.

The birth ward scene sends a message to medical personnel not to put those “gender-assigning” colors on the kids, despite the fact that children are, 99% of the time, born one or another gender, and biologically/genetically will remain either male or female, despite any cosmetic or hormonal “therapies” they undergo. The scene neglects the fact that medical personnel need to know the genders and identities of the children, and, often, staff use the colors to easily distinguish gender -- and staff still would denote the gender of the newborns even if the colors were removed.

And all this despite the fact that the clothes Dion suggests people use to replace those “oppressive, gender-mandating-through-parental-force” clothes show hardly any variation.

Ahh, yes, the conformity of rebellion. Don’t follow that herd! Follow… this herd, into black and white blandness.

Of course, it doesn’t take an enlightened angel to understand that some teens might feel “different” for one reason or another, be it sexual attraction, intellectual interests, or something else. But to not just overlook, but conspicuously and intentionally push aside, the reality that the vast, vast, vast majority of humans are born one gender or the other -- that they have specifically male or female  chromosomal configurations and different genitalia -- is to simply overlook or avoid reality. To not observe that there are general behavioral differences between genders, that there are cognitive differences, that there are physical differences and different needs – this is to not only avoid reality, but to neglect the needs of those kids.

And the savagely ironic thing about the entire exercise is this…

Despite Dion and her cohorts, Iris Adler and Tali Mitchberg, appearing desperate to look hip (they actually created skull-covered onesies and skull hats for babies -- real “hip”), and despite their push to get parents out of parenting their own kids and their promotion of genderless humanity when humans are usually either male or female, the Celinununu site, yes, offers gender-different sizes and cuts.

How dare they assume that there are differences? And how dare they assume there are only two genders? Some folks change their “gender” a few times a day just by use of imagination. And here’s Celine Dion, trapping them in a binary choice.


All kidding aside, this is likely to go down as an epic “fail”, but it’s indicative of something.

Many people have no problem thinking that parents should be out of the picture, and that children are to be seen as tools for a larger political agenda. The vibe of “change the world” utopianism is everywhere on the line’s website. They even offer this gem of so-called “wisdom”:

Raise boys and girls the same way.

That’s not possible. The demands of female development and the demands of male development are simply biologically different, and to not attenuate one’s child-rearing to accommodate for such differences is a bad idea.


Even as these people appear to tell themselves they’re really doing it “for the children,” they show us they're not.

They are pushing blindness to child-rearing demands, and pushing a socio-political agenda.

But at least this is just optional, and in just the market; here, people can decide whether they want to buy the clothes or not.

Imagine if this were instituted by government, say, mandating genderless bathrooms, or--

Wait. Sorry. That’s already happening.

Welcome to the New Order. No need to worry about Celine. She's merely following the herd.