Carlson Wonders Why Feds Have Sat On Hunter Laptop

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 20, 2021
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In a world where politicians count on many Americans – especially the US media – having short memories, the Biden Administration must be very frustrated by Tucker Carlson and others who ask important questions about possible corruption.

Friday, July 16, Tucker took to the air on FoxNews to do precisely that, reminding viewers about the fact that Hunter in an interview with CBS in April admitted the laptop that a computer repair shop handed to federal authorities – a laptop containing heaps of damning references to personal Hunter troubles, potential Hunter illegality and influence peddling, and not-so-complimentary Hunter photos -- might just be his, but he just can’t be sure.

Of course, we all knew that. It was one of the first chunks of reality that the Department of Justice finally admitted in 2020, about eight weeks after a big debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump:

Just two months after that debate, the truth began to leak out. According once again to Politico, the intel world’s favorite media tool, a ‘person with firsthand knowledge of the investigation’ conceded that, actually, Hunter Biden's laptop wasn't a Russian fabrication. It was real. Real enough to be used as evidence in an ongoing investigation into, ‘potential money laundering and Hunter Biden’s foreign ties.’ Hunter Biden, we learned, was facing possible indictment for what was on the laptop.  

And Tucker reminded viewers of some of the other magical ways Hunter got wealthier and wealthier…

The DOJ was looking into the Ukrainian and Chinese businessmen paying Hunter to get close to his father. They wanted to know why his father was apparently getting 10% of the deals. That’s what we learned. And that’s all we learned. For six months, we heard nothing more. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden got a lot richer. He sold a book no one read for millions of dollars.

He sold it to Simon and Schuster, which, until the end of 2020, was a sub-corporation of ViacomCBS and which still contains lots of friends of CBS, the network that did that wonderful promo-chat with him in April.

Added Carlson:

He sold paintings you’d never hang anywhere for possibly even more than that. We don’t know, because the identities of the people who bought them are still secret. But what you do know, for certain, is that Hunter Biden was never charged for anything. Why is that?

And Carlson offered a very pointed suggestion for the answer.

He offered confirmation of the fact that, despite having the laptop for a year, those federal coppers kept mum and didn’t act on a thing – evidently for admitted political reasons.

Today we got our answer -- naturally, from Politico. The magazine ‘reported’ -- meaning was told, likely for complex reasons we can never really know -- that the U.S. Attorney in Delaware, a man called David Weiss, had buried the Hunter Biden case, and done so on purpose because he was asked to do it.

David Weiss decided to do that, Politico told us, because he wanted, ‘to avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election.’

And Tucker adds:

And he did this at the request of the Biden family and their lawyers. We learned that from the Politico piece too. It includes this quote: ‘To Weiss’s credit, he listened,’ said a person involved in the discussions. 

Evidently, the Politico team treats this as the height of American civility – literally hiding possible corruption, hiding information, and using your tax cash to do it, so that a person who is running for office might not look bad.

While, in 2016, the left media fawned over everyone from the ultra-bogus Michael Avenatti making false claims about Trump, to a FISA spying ring that set itself on Trump because of a false “Steele Dossier” that the FBI knew was bogus – and they wrapped it all in a wonderful “Widespread Russian Election-Meddling” bow that, also was bogus.

Seeing Tucker sound off was a breath of fresh air to many of us, especially those of us who were reporting on the events in Ukraine PRIOR to Hunter Biden getting placed on the board of Burisma, the nation’s biggest energy corporation.

Some of us were aware of Hunter Biden magically being plopped onto the board of Burisma when the leadership of Ukraine suddenly changed and became very pro-America.

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And some of us had strong suspicions that the whole sordid mess had a lot more to do with isolating Russian energy sales and blocking Russian energy exports through the Crimean Sea than "helping" Ukrainians or abiding by that archaic thing called the US Constitution, which didn’t allow any of the US interference there, in any way.

At least we have the information, if we don’t have any justice being done. After all, as Tucker noted Friday:

And in case you have any doubt that’s exactly what happened, and nothing to do with the timeframe before the election, you should know the FBI had Hunter Biden's laptop for an entire year before the election. We know they’d made a forensic copy of the hard drive all the way back in 2019. But they did nothing. And they still haven’t. Now they don’t have time, they’re too busy hunting down senior citizens who dare to talk about election integrity — the fabled insurrectionists. They can’t do anything about the subversion of America’s foreign policy by the Biden’s because they’re busy with the insurrectionists.

Well done, Tucker.