Canadian Pastor Blasts COVID Cops Who Invade Church During Passover Sermon

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 4, 2021
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The COVID tyrants are meeting resistance.

A week ago, freedom-lovers worldwide defied water cannons and police batons to rally against immoral, unethical, and unconstitutional lockdowns, and now, one man, a Canadian pastor named Artur Pawlowski, has concentrated nearly all of that righteous, appropriate resistance and indignation into action that could call many others to his side.

Pawlowski is the pastor at Cave of Adullam Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and, a few days ago, he shouted down police officers who entered his church without permission and interrupted his Passover service. He also got it all on video.

In it, one is transported into the hand-held lens of Pawlowski’s phone, as he powerfully stops the tax-funded interlopers just inside his church, and he commands: "Out! Out! Out of this property! Immediately! Until you come back with a warrant!"

Utterly in the right on moral and ethical grounds – for everyone entering the church does so of his or her own free will – Pawlowski also is on solid statutory grounds. And his deft and intense handling of the police and bureaucratic thuggery is masterful and important, signifying the ultimate battle in the COVID crackdown war. It is the battle between free religious belief, and government. Between God, and the state.

And the pastor shot more video, which Tony “MrTDog” on Twitter posted, during which Pawlowski notes deeper observations that are all spot-on:

Unbelievable. We are living in a takeover. A total takeover of the government with their thugs, goons, the Brown-shirts, the Gestapo wanna-be dictators, coming to the church with -- armed with guns and Tasers and handcuffs, to intimidate during Passover celebration? Well, I guess that’s what it is. They want to enslave us all like Egyptians did. They wanna be Pharaohs of today. That’s what they’re doing. Unbelievable. People, if you’re not… Wake up. Stand up. Wow. I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow if Canadians will not rise up. Look what is happening in Germany. Germany is taken over by fascism – again. The wanna-be Hitlers are already ruling. You cannot even leave from one city to another. It’s a total lockdown. If you will not be vaccinated like a dog or a cat, you will not be able to buy, or sell. You will not be able to go to school, or work. Is that the future you want? Is that what you want for your children and your grandchildren?

Well said.

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And the always-observant Levant adds more, specifically, about how Pastor Pawlowski and his churchgoers already have been terrorized, intimidated and attacked by the government. In subsequent Tweets, Levant notes, first:

“Attentive viewers will recognize that Christian pastor as Artur Pawlowski. He was the very first client of our civil liberties project. @CalgaryPolice thugs fined him $1,200 for feeding the homeless."

Levant adds:

This brave pastor, Artur Pawlowski, is constantly bullied by the anti-Christian bigots at @CalgaryPolice. Over Christmas, they gave him 12 lockdown tickets. We're crowdfunding the lawyer fighting his case.

As one reads Levant’s words, as one considers the larger picture of what the government of Alberta, Canada, and so many others, are doing, one begins to grasp the sheer size and metaphysical importance of this moment in history.

This is not hyperbole. The battle lines have been drawn. On one side, we have statists such as those in Canada, such as those Pawlowski mentions in Germany, where Angela Merkel not only has imposed a new unethical lockdown, but has banned people from going to “nighttime gatherings.” We have statists like NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, Maine Governor Janet Mills, California Governor Gavin Newsom, President Joe Biden, and a horde of others. Ringwraiths, all, they stand for obedience to the state above God. They stand for dictates and commands and mandates couched in purple prose and tiresome, fatuous rhetoric.

It takes men like Pastor Pawlowski to stand with God against those who put on their rings of power, and he undoubtedly will inspire others.

The battle is joined. Which side will others choose?