Social Media Sites Must Now 'Register' With Canadian Gov't - For 'Monitoring'

Brittany M. Hughes | October 2, 2023
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All online sites that generate video content - including social media sites like X - operating in Canada will now have to register with the Canadian government, per a new law to help the government “gather information” and “monitor their impact.”

Because that doesn’t sound creepy and terrifying at all.

The controversial Bill C-11, passed as part of Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s Online Streaming Act, changes previous regulations by putting streaming services like Netflix as well as user-generated content sites like Facebook, YouTube and X (formerly known as Twitter) that make in excess of $10 million in revenue in Canada under the regulatory and monitoring eye of the Canadian government. The sites are required to register with the Commission by November 28 by filling out a form with their address and contact information, as well as the location where they’re incorporated and the address of their main office.

The Commission insisted in a statement the information is solely so the government can collect “basic but essential information to better understand the Canadian online broadcasting landscape more generally.”

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However, the CRTC added that because it’s “clear at this point that social media platforms play a large and increasingly dominant role in terms of the Canadian online broadcasting advertising market,” the government should require websites to “register such services to enable the Commission to gather further information and monitor their impact, where necessary.”

“Monitor their impact.” Translation? Big Brother needs to make sure you - and the people posting on your site - aren’t saying things we don’t like.

Ah, Canada. Our home and statist land.