REPORT: Jewish Man Dies After Being Beaten By Pro-Palestine Protester In LA

Brittany M. Hughes | November 7, 2023
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*WARNING: This blog contains information and video footage that some may - and should - find disturbing.

A Jewish man has died after being assaulted during a pro-Palestine protest in Los Angeles this week.

Video shows the harrowing moments after Paul Kessler, 69, was allegedly beaten in the head with a megaphone by an anti-Israel demonstrator during a rally on Westlake Blvd in Ventura City Sunday. Kessler can be seen lying on the ground clutching his bloodied head as a woman holding a Palestine flag tries to help him.

He was later hustled into an ambulance, leaving behind a pool of blood on the sidewalk. 

According to reports, the Los Angeles Police Department have confirmed Kessler passed away Monday from internal bleeding in the brain.

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Witnesses at the scene say Kessler and the pro-Palestine protester got into a verbal altercation just before the man with the megaphone hit Kessler in the head. Police are now investigating the incident but have yet to make any arrests.

While threats against Jewish people, their communities, and their places of worship continue to escalate in the wake of a Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel on October 7, the Biden Administration has pressed forward with its new efforts to combat Islamophobia. Meanwhile, student groups on college campuses have continued spewing anti-Semitic phrases and praising Hamas terrorists, while pro-Palestine protesters openly wave Hamas flags in the streets.

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