Poll Finds 3 in 10 Young Americans Say Bin Laden Was a 'Force For Good'

Brittany M. Hughes | December 27, 2023
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A new poll found that one in five - one in five - young American adults under the age of 30 has a favorable view of Osama bin Laden, including three in 10 Gen-Zers (people born roughly between 1997 and 2012) who say the 9/11 mastermind was a “force for good.”

The poll comes about a month after the Chinese social media platform TikTok lit up with idiots openly praising bin Laden and his infamous 2012 “Letter to America,” written the year following the 9/11 terror attacks and seeking to justify the slaughter of nearly 3,000 people.

According to the poll, a stunning 14 percent of total respondents spanning all ages and demographics said they had a “completely positive,” “somewhat positive,” or “mix of positive and negative” views on bin Laden, compared to 76 percent who reported a “completely negative” opinion of the dead terrorist. But among those ages 18 to 29, that contrast was even more disturbing, with 20 percent saying they held a “completely” or “somewhat positive” view of bin Laden compared to only 41 percent - - less than half - who said their views on him were “completely negative.” Eight percent of Gen Z respondents said they believed both bin Laden’s views and his actions - including the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center - were positive, with 23 percent saying that his views were good, but his actions were not.

Little comfort, there.

Among Black respondents of all ages, 18 percent said they held a “completely” or “somewhat positive” view of Bin Laden, with 29 percent saying bin Laden's views were "a force for good." Of racial demographics including Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites, only White respondents overwhelmingly said they held a negative view of the al Qaeda leader, at 84%.

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When broken down by political party, the poll found Democrats were narrowly more favorable towardbBin Laden, with 10 percent praising the man compared 72 percent saying they held a “completely negative” view of him. Meanwhile, 82 percent of Republicans said they saw bin Laden in an entirely negative light, with 9 percent saying they viewed him positively.


The poll echoes a particularly revolting trend on social media of young Americans filming themselves reacting to bin Laden's infamous letter, saying the 20-year-old missive from the dead man convinced them he'd been "right" along, and that his orchestrated attacks on the United States had been justified.

“It’s wild, and everyone should read it,” one woman said, adding that the letter left her “disillusioned” in the same way she felt when she “deconstructed Christianity.”

“I feel a little bit confused, like I have entered into another timeline,” she said.

“I just read ‘A Letter to America’ and I will never look at life the same. I will never look at this country the same,” another said in her video. “In the last 20 minutes, my entire viewpoint on the entire life I have believed and I have lived has changed.”

Another user said it opened his eyes to the fact that bin Laden and others suffering under “colonization” were simply fighting for their freedom against the “occupier.”

The most recent poll was conducted by J.L. Partners and surveyed 1,000 Americans. The polling groups founder, James Johnson, told the Daily Mail the survey reflects a growing "cancer" among Americans of sympathy toward terrorists.

'It is hard to avoid the conclusion that there is a cancer in the American body politic: a small but sizeable group of its youngest voters," he said. "Polling has found that 18-29-year-olds are most likely to deny the Holocaust and, in our October Daily Mail poll we found that Gen Z Americans are more likely to sympathize with Hamas. And now we have this on Osama bin Laden, the man behind the biggest attack on American soil in its history."

Chalk one up to the American education system, and the media's obsession with pushing the false leftist narrative of the perpetually "oppressed."

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