Insane Video Shows Sacramento 7-11 Looted By 50-Person Mob

Brittany M. Hughes | October 10, 2023
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A California 7-11 was looted and heavily damaged in a mob takeover caught on cell phone video in what should be a shocking scene…but sadly, these days, really isn’t.

Footage from the incident shows about 40 to 50 people busting in through the smashed-out window of the Sacramento convenience store and hauling out with stolen goods while generally wrecking the place in the process. A spokesperson with the sheriff’s department said thieves made off with everything from electronics to food and caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the store.

Authorities said the break-in appeared to be an offshoot from a local sideshow, in which people illegally block off sections of roads or intersections to do car stunts. The cops had declined to respond to the initial gathering out of fear for their own safety, a spokesperson said.

“It looks like it stemmed from a sideshow that happened a little earlier. Our deputies got here within about five minutes, and they were all gone, but the damage was immense,” Amar Gandhi said. “They’ve got people breaking windows. They’ve got people potentially with weapons — absolutely no regard for anyone’s safety.”

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Thankfully, the two employees who were in the store at the time escaped unharmed.

But thanks to California’s lax robbery laws, which upped the minimum for felony grand larceny to more than $950 in stolen goods, and the sheer volume of smash-and-grabs in cities across the state, Gandhi said it’s unlikely the thieves will get much more than a slap on the wrist - if they’re even caught at all.

“These guys are probably going to get tickets, at most. Maybe a couple might go to jail for a little while for breaking windows because again, these are now non-violent crimes. Ask the two guys inside while this is all going on how non-violent it felt for them,” Gandhi said.

As of Monday, no one’s been arrested in connection with the crime.

Shocker there.

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