California College Club Celebrates Hamas Terrorists on Pro-Palestine Poster

Brittany M. Hughes | October 10, 2023
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If you’re still under the illusion that institutions of higher learning in this country are anything more than brainwashing centers to indoctrinate gullible youth, I’m not sure there’s much help for you. But in case you were just waiting for that last little shred of proof, here you go.

Shortly after Harvard University was lit up online following a statement signed by more than two dozen campus organizations in support of terrorist violence against hundreds of Israelis over the weekend, another college has decided to one-up that insanity in the form of pro-murder artwork.

The La F.U.E.R.Z.A Student Association at California State University Long Beach posted a flier for an upcoming event to protest Israel and in support of the violent “resistance” when the terrorist group Hamas murdered hundreds of Jews - and nine Americans - over the weekend in a brutal attack on innocent civilians. The flier depicts a mob of screaming Palestinians, along with the image of a paraglider, representing the gunmen Hamas dropped into an Israeli music festival near the border of the Gaza Strip Saturday. Horrifying footage from the scene shows terrorists using the motorized aircraft to hover above the crowd, dropping bombs and indiscriminately firing at concert-goers who began screaming and fleeing for their lives. Many of those who weren’t immediately shot to death were captured and hauled off as hostages.

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But apparently, for the idiotic students over at CSU, airborne gunman mowing down young people at a concert is just artistic fodder for their latest historically ignorant cause.

In the caption accompanying its terror-happy poster, La Fuerza advertised a Tuesday march "in support of the Palestinian liberation, and against Zionist occupation in Palestine.”


On its page, La Fuerza, whose students sleep in nice comfy beds in the Land of the Free and Home of the Spoiled, makes regular use of the image of the socialist fist, heavily promotes abortion rights, and has called for the total abolishment of ICE, the police, and prisons. So you might say supporting genocide, violence, and murder is kinda their thing.

Still, outright celebrating a paragliding gunman shredding innocent people at a music festival as some sort of justified revolutionary is about as vile as it gets. And we’d demand some accountability - if we weren’t talking about California State.

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